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Current needs

On the page “Current needs” we will publish what is currently needed.

We’re asking one thing, which additionaly, besides other means of help, on current stage of restoring justice, is very needed.

Pleasre share in Ireland and throughout the Irish people on all social media:


Thank you very much for your support!

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The drama of Polish woman living in Ireland – Talk with lawyer in Superstacja TV (in Polish language)

Raport – Radosław Płonka – 15.01.2018 – youtubersi.pl

The drama of Polish woman living in Ireland. The woman is serving lifetime imprisonment sentence. The court stated, that the woman deliberately drove the car into water to kill her work colleague. The man couldn’t swim. Media on the Islands and in Poland were interested in the case.

Source: youtubersi.pl/film/313718/raport-radoslaw-plonka-15-01-2018

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“Martha was sentenced to lifetime imprisonment in Ireland. “If she wasn’t Polish, she would be free”” – article on wp.pl (in Polish language)

“Mum of Polish woman sentenced to lifetime imprisonment in Ireland: I’m not afraid that someone call me “mother of a murderer”. I know it wasn’t murder” – article on wp.pl

Mama Polki skazanej na dożywocie w Irlandii: nie boję się, że ktoś powie o mnie “matka morderczyni”

Source: kobieta.wp.pl/mama-polki-skazanej-na-dozywocie-w-irlandii-nie-boje-sie-ze-ktos-powie-o-mnie-matka-morderczyni-6210109626099841a

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I want to help – financially

The amount of gathered financial resources for helping Martha is updated daily.

We thank very much for financial support.

Providing effective and professional help for Martha, one we would like to provide, both in Ireland as in Strasburg, involves great financial costs.

All the time, Martha’s family and friends, bear every financial cost themselves.
They do as much as they can, and as much as financial resources allow them to.

We were resisting against fundraising and we do not have any experience in this. We don’t want to impose ouorself with fundraising.
But we are also convinced, that creating a specal fund will have a positive influence on the quality and effectiveness of helping Martha.

Gathered resources we would like to use for professional solicitor (now it is still public solicitor), special psychological and language opinions, translations, possible media activities or other actions necessary for providing effective help for Martha.

Martha’s family lives in Poland, but isn’t raising money for their monthly flights and stays in Ireland.
They visit Ireland only to support Martha, but they treat this as their family duty, and a pleasure of contacting with Martha, and they don’t raise any funds for this purpose.

Currently gathered resources
Fundacja ALFA
ul. Zeusa 47/29
01-497 Warszawa

PLN: 67 2490 0005 0000 4600 1934 9071110 PLN
EUR: 14 2490 0005 0000 4600 5400 5603120 EUR
USD: 49 2490 0005 0000 4600 2320 86370 USD

For now no amount was spent from gathered money.

We thank very much to every benevolent people for all of their help.

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Marta Herda Dóchas Centre
North Circular Road
Dublin 7
Monika Łyżwa
Martha’s sister, procurator
Rodzina Marty contact@helpformartha.org
Mary O’Connor
Prison governor
Dóchas Centre
North Circular Road
Dublin 7
Patrick McCarthy
Judge leading the case
First jury
7 women and 5 men
Chairman of first jury
woman, she did not confess she was an employee of An Garda Síochána
Second jury
8 men and 4 women
Chairman of second jury
George Birmingham
Alan Mahon
Maire Whelan
Judges of Court of Appeal
Helena Kiely Head of prosecutor’s office
Brendan Grehan SC
(Junior Counsel 1989, Senior Counsel 2003)
Paul Murray SC
(Junior Counsel 1985, Senior Counsel 2017)
Thomas E Honan Martha’s solicitor
Michael Liam O’Higgins SC
(Junior Counsel 1987, Senior Counsel 2000)
Barrister only for the first day
Giollaiosa Ó Lideadha SC
(Junior Counsel 1989, Senior Counsel 2006)
Niamh Foley BL
(Junior Counsel 2006)


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“She drove into ice-cold water, a man died. Polish woman sentenced to lifetime imprisonment in Ireland” – reportage of Superwizjer (in Polish language)

She drove into ice-cold water, a man died. Polish woman sentenced to lifetime imprisonment in Ireland

Source: www.tvn24.pl/superwizjer-polka-skazana-na-dozywocie,805994,s.html