Exceptionally touching meeting in prison

On friday a long awaited meeting of Martha and her family from Poland happened.
This time, besides mum and sister, for the first time, Martha’s niece came for a visit. This meeting was very touching for Martha and she cried for a long time while hugging her family. She didn’t see her niece for few years (last time during Martha’s stay in Poland in 2013), and she counts her niece to the closest people.

Martha wanted very much to give some presents and trinkets to her family. This is what she makes them for, on the lessons she attends to. But after the “trick” with the paintings, the family wished that Martha won’t bring anyting, and don’t ask anything from the prison authorities. The most important is that they can be together for few hours.

Sea of tears will yet pour out during goodbye on sunday.


Why did the paintings go to jail?

O thursday, january 18th, unexpected thing happened. Martha called one of her friends, Mariusz, and asked him to bring back the paintings she gave her sister. Martha knew that the paintings were still in Ireland. Her sister didn’t take them for now, because they didn’t fit into the airplane luggage. Mariusz didn’t know, that this situation wasn’t discussed with Martha’s sister, and fulfilled Martha’s request.

What was this all about?
Next visit of Martha’s closest family is coming soon. This time, for the first time, her niece is going to visit her too. Martha is living with this visit. She would very much want to give some presents to her closest. That’s why she attends the school and lessons, to make something for others. All the time prison authorities don’t allow Martha, the only one of the prisoners, to give anything to anybody.

In the conversation with Mrs Governor Martha asked, that she finally be able to give some small items to her closest. Mrs Governor said, that she will not allow it because the family sells those things.When Martha denied that, Mrs Governor asked for a proof. So Martha got an “ingenious” idea, and first thing in the morning she called Mariusz, who was supposed to visit her that day, to bring the paintings.

What is Martha’s sister supposed to do now?
The paintings belong to her. They they left the prison legally. “Passing” of those paintings through prison gate was held even in the light of cameras of TVN and Superwizjer.
Will Martha’s sister recover her belongings?
How much longer will those paintings stay in prison?

This situation taught Martha and her family a lot.
The family asked Martha to not to prepare any gifts for their visit.
The most important thing is that 4 women close to each other will meet together.
Martha’s family is fighting for Martha’s freedom not trifles.

Martha's sister with paintings by Marthalink: http://helpformartha.org/2017/11/15/paintings-by-martha/


Do prison authorities have the right to not forward sendings from Martha?

On thursday Monika received a letter from prison from her sister.
On one card Martha writes, that she sends three brochures. “About European Court of Human Rights and about prison, maybe it will be useful for something” (Martha’s words).
But in the envelope was only one sheet of paper with information what Martha sends. Prison authorities took the 3 brochures out of the envelope.

Martha says that those brochures weren’t a property of the library, and every prisoner can take one.
Do prison authorities violate the law by not forwarding the correspondance?
Is it another proof of discrimination of Martha in prison – others can, but not Martha?

Or maybe information within the brochures was inconvenient for prison authorities?
1. Brochure about European Court of Human Rights.
2. Brochure about human rights in Ireland.
3. Brochure about regulations and prisoner’s rights in the prison.

Regarding the European Court of Human Righrt, Martha’s case will be submitted there nevertheless, and proceedings of prison authorities will be another point in the case. Martha in Ireland was and still is discriminated on every stage. Do prison authorities have something on their conscience regarding abidance of human or prisoner’s rights? (Martha’s family suspects, that some of the restrictions against Martha, like prohibition of giving anything, or weird proposals: “Martha will give this to you, if you don’t share it anywhere”, don’t have grounds in regulations).

She informed us about such consignment by the telephone. She said: “I’ll attach 3 brochures, but I don’t know if they forward it to you”. She was suspecting it can happen.

Fight for Martha is held by her family and friends. They don’t have any experience with Irish law, they can’t count on help from Martha’s current solicitor. Martha supports her family as she can. What she find’s out, what she reads, she sends to the family, because this is where the fight goes.
No obstacles made by prison authorities in Dochas Centre will lesser the determination of Martha’s family to fix this gross injustice, which met Martha in Ireland.


Martha can finally receive 6 cosmetics monthly

Martha was finally permitted again to receive 6 cosmetics monthly.

Previously, giving cosmetics to women serving sentences was permitted without limitations.
Complete ban was introduced when one of the prisoners received illegal things in cosmetics.

So now Martha can receive cosmetics, but quantity limit was introduced – only 6 pcs a month. Martha’s mum and sister, who will be coming soon to Ireland to visit Martha, had already agreed on which cosmetics Martha needs.

Highly recommended

“She drove into ice-cold water, a man died. Polish woman sentenced to lifetime imprisonment in Ireland” – reportage of Superwizjer (in Polish language)

She drove into ice-cold water, a man died. Polish woman sentenced to lifetime imprisonment in Ireland

Source: www.tvn24.pl/superwizjer-polka-skazana-na-dozywocie,805994,s.html


Martha’s sister finally gets a letter from solicitor, which Martha received before holidays

Martha’s current solicitor  finally pressed the “enter” button, and on january 3rd, in the afternoon, Martha’s sister received a letter via email. It’s the same letter, that Martha got on december 22nd.
Title of the letter:    “SUPREME COURT
Respondent’s notice”
It’a 10 page position of prosecutor’s office on Martha’s request of her case being reviewed by Supreme Court.
The letter was submitted to the office of Supreme Court on december 15, 2017.
Supposedly a translation is being prepared, and later, Martha’s current solicitor is supposedly about to visit Martha, with the translated version.

11th page, about which Martha was speaking, is one guiding sentence from her current solicitor.


Martha receives first 3 holiday postcards

On thursday, 28th of december, two days after Christmas, Martha received first 3 postcards with Christmas wishes. It’s a tiny part of correspondence about which we know, and which was send to Martha before holidays.

Before Christmas, Martha passed 25 letters for sending to her close ones. Probably all of the letters didn’t leave the prison yet, and are held.

Martha is afraid about her both incoming and outgoing correspondence. She’s afraid, that undelivered in proper time letters, put aside somewhere, may later be lost.

Also, Martha didn’t receive paints given to her by her sister on december 7.

We repeat our question: doesn’t this holding of Martha’s correspondence violate her rights, and is it compliant to prison regulations?

Therefore, we ask you to direct questions about delivering of letters sent to Martha, directly to the Mrs Governor.

Governor Mary O’Connor
Dóchas Centre
North Circular Road
Dublin 7


Wishes from Marta

Marta asked to give the best, most heartfelt New Year wishes on her behalf.
She also gives thanks to all those who support her.

May the next year be better.

In prison on such a day, nothing happens. Officers close everything ealier because they want to go home ealier.


Martha struggles for freedom in Ireland

Regarding post “Martha receives negative decision from Prosecutor’s Office” we supplement the post with what we know.

The only consignment, that Martha received before Christmas, were “wishes from the prosecutor”. The prosecutor “wished” Martha, that Supreme Court would not consider Martha’s case anymore, because everything was all right. There were 11 pages of such “wishes”.

The prosecutor filed such a letter to the Court on 25th of December 2018. On 18th of December, Martha’s current solicitor forwarded her the letter, and it was delivered to her last day before holidays – on 22nd of December. It was the only consignment delivered to her before Christmas.

The letter is in English, and Martha understands little of it. It’s probably a position of prosecutor’s office regarding Martha’s application to Supreme Court. The prosecutor’s office presented their position, that Martha’s case shouldn’t be processed by Supreme Court, because everything was all right. Martha thinks that this is what it’s about, because “the letter has the same tables” (Martha’s words) as her application, which she was acquainting with.

Is this a proper treating of Martha and her family by current solicitor? Shouldn’t Martha,  in such important matter, receive a  letter in polish language? Shouldn’t Martha’s family, especially her sister which holds all powers of an attorney, receive the letter along with translation?

All of this does not prevent Martha’s current solicitor to rest, celebrate, maybe have a good fun on New Year’s Eve, and get back to work in some day after New Year’s Day. And Martha and her family has to live in uncertainty, what letter Martha received from prosecutor’s office. Martha’s life is at stake, and nobody provides even basic information.

Christmas is especially family time, for families, that for different reasons can not be together, they are time which is “difficult to endure”. When you get such a letter from prosecutor’s office, on the last day before holidays…

Martha fought for her life with storm, she fought against the tide, today she struggles with unfeeling irish system, which so easily gives highest sentences to foreigners.


Martha sends letters to 25 people close to her

Even before Christmas Martha sent letters to 25 people. To all close ones whom she had addresses. It’s possible, she didn’t want to talk about it, to make her close ones a surprize, that she remembers about them. In those letters, she wrote holiday wishes, thanks, and lots of warm words.

Nobody of them have yet received a letter from Martha.

In turn, no letters or wishes were delivered to Martha before Christmas.

We know, that plenty of people sent such letters. So we ask you to send letters to prison authorities, asking why they weren’t delivered to Martha. Regarding, that every incoming mail is recorded, you can ask about such information, and ask, that you will be informed about the date of delivery of letters to Martha.

While letters outgoing from Martha, possibly, for some reason may be delayed, doesn’t delaying of Martha’s incoming mail violate her rights and prison regulations?