Very kind gesture from other women prisoners – thank you

Today Martha got a very nice surprise.
During one of the meals co-inmates decided to make Martha a pleasure.
On the occasion of her Birthday.

They gave her some of their food rations.
Few inmates gave Martha 1 orange each and other fruits.
As a result Martha received 5 oranges and other fruits.
It was a great  and very nice surprise for Martha.
She didn’t know what to do with the oranges: to smell them or to eat them?
On friday Martha plans to make herself a “Free day” (it sounds so nice!) and make a feast from what she received.

This what happened to Martha from other inmates is a very nice surprise,
It’s especially precious, when even in difficult conditions, even having so little, with a one gesture, one sacrifice, you can bring so much joy.
We thank very much for that.
We try to support Martha in everything, but we cannot be near Martha.
The more we are grateful to people, who are in a difficult position themselves, but they can get to show spontaneous, unconstrainted kindness.

The situation also proves that Martha is liked everywhere.
She’s a good and warm girl, arousing general sympathy.
Probably except some people from Irish GARDA and some lying Irish journalists calling Martha Ice Queen Killer.

Life shows, who is really who.
All the time the question will come back:
“Is it possible for such warm and liked person like Martha, could harm anyone?”
Today it’s Martha who was harmed, but she bears that very bravely.

Once more we thank very much to the inmates of Dochas Centre prison for a very kind gesture towards Martha.


Martha’s birthday – alone by the coffee and popcorn

Today, June 7, Martha celebrated her Birthday.
Second Birthday in Dochas Centre prison in Dublin, Ireland.

Martha had earlier prepared two things for herself: coffee and popcorn.
For her it’s a “prison luxury” she allows herself only on Sunday or on special occasions.
And sometimes something sweet, like a candybar.
She prepared the coffee and the popcorn herself after she came from school, and she spent the evening alone.

Is this the last Birthday in prison in Ireland?
Where will she be in a year?

MArtha received many postcards with birthday wishes from her close ones, but also from strangers.
Probably not all of them were given to her yet.
Some of the close ones, especially called Martha’s sister today and asked her to pass their birthday wishes to Martha.

Martha wanted to thank very much everyone through us.
She thanks very, very much everyone for your memory of her, and for all the wishes.
Martha doesn’t feel the strength enough to thank by herself.
She doesn’t feel the strength, because she’s so touched by the memory of other people, that the emotions wouldn’t let her finish what she would want to say.
Although she is very strong overcoming the obstacles that she encounters.

We wish Martha the strength to overcome those obstacles…
And just one more little, wish, not spoken loudly to the end:
“So that will be the last… in…
So that will be the las… without”

“So that it would come true…”


Martha gets acquainted with the decision of Supreme Court of Ireland, translated into Polish language

On Sunday, June 3, Martha received the decision of Supreme Court of Ireland, translated to Polish language.
Decision of refusing to deal with her case.
She received it by letter from her previous attorney, who undertook to deliver the translation to Martha.

On Monday, June 4, Martha was acquainting herself with the decision.
It’s easy to guess what was her mood.

What Martha thinks about this?
What are her conclusions?

We would gladly share her opinion on the subject.
We really want to express our own opinions.
But we’re restraining ourselves…
A little bit more…
Let the emotions fall a little more…

This doesn’t change the fact, that we will gladly hear Your opinion on the subject.
We will soon express your opinion on our sites.
We will also ask for suggestions to use before European Court of Human Rights.

Possibly we will publish the translated decision of the Supreme Court in Ireland on our Polish site.
Right now, people who know English language and are interested in the contents of the decision, may translate it by themselves.
They can translate it using free, automatic internet translation tools.
Admittedly it won’t be very precise translation, but the sense can be grasped.
And at this stage, only… the sense is most important.


First meeting of Martha with the new attorney

On Saturday, May 26, new attorney of Martha – Frank Gearty – had visited her in prison.
It was the first meeting of new attorney with Martha.
The meeting lasted for two hours.
Martha was very pleased with the meeting.
As for actions in Ireland, Martha has a reasonable attitude.
She trusts the new attorney, that he will do everything possible to do in Ireland.

Frank Gearty is taking over of Martha’s case in a difficult moment.
On May 21, the Supreme Court made an unfavorable decision.

Is there any chance for fixing those unfair decisions?
Wasn’t the change too late?

The attorney gets acquainted with the case.
Maybe not everything is lost yet…


Martha is in new cell

Since Thursday, May 24, Martha is in a new cell.
Of course she’s glad about this.
Everything new, whole renovated building wing, and only 10 inmates.
We have already described the equipment of the new cell.
During the moving, it appeared that Martha gathered a few of her things.
New cell is also probably smaller.
Not everything can fit in.
Martha gave a lot of her things to the reception to take away.
On Friday, Martha’s friends, took them away after visit.
It fitted in one passenger car, although it was heavily loaded.

It is better to live in worse conditions, but on FREEDOM
Than to stay in better conditions, but in PRISON…

But since Martha is sentenced to stay in prison for some time yet, we’re glad, that material conditions of her existence there improved…
…to sweeten it?…
…Whatever it is, we’re  happy with Martha…

It doesn’t change the fact, that she still stays in the place, she shouldn’t be (in purely human opinion) –
…shouldn’t be… ANYMORE…


Martha’s phonce call with wishes for her mum`

Yesterday, on May 26, Martha called her mum, to give her wishes on Mother’s Day.
She ensured her mum, that she loves her very very much.
She wished her mum to be healthy and strong.
Martha also promised, that for mum she also will be strong.

Martha had a grudge against her mother, that she lies to her.
Mum, for the 6 minutes of phone call with Martha is happy and smiling.
And then she cries and she is devastated.
(We don’t know if it is someone from the family or friends who accidentally let that slip. Or maybe Martha guessed it by herself, that mum had broke down after unfavorable decision of the Supreme Court).
Both Martha and her mum should be strong…
…As much as it is possible…
…not everything is lost yet…

Martha thinks about her mum all the time…
…not only on holidays…


Martha’s emotional talk with mum

On Wednesday, May 23, for the first time from the disastrous Monday, Martha talked by the phone with her mum.
Earlier, because of important events happening, Martha had to talk with other people from the family, including her sister.
Mum helps as much as she can.
And even much beyond her capabilities…
Mostly she tries to support Martha’s psyche…
This is what Martha needs the most.
But mum is also aware of enormous financial needs.
She’s after talks to take another loan to save her daughter…

The talk of mother and daughter was very emotional.
Both fell in tears.
Martha said:
“Someday everyone will know the truth?”
“We will meet in a better age…”



Expected, disgraceful decision? – Irish Supreme Court doesn’t want to take up the case of Polish woman – Martha Herda

On Monday, May 21, 2018, a disgraceful, unfavorable decision was made.
Supreme Court in Ireland decided that it doesn’t want to take up Martha’s case.
In the afternoon, the same day, the family informed Martha about this.
They wanted to tell this to Martha themselves.
Although they had only 6 minutes of phone call for this.
On this day Martha was happy and excited.
She looked at the new cell, in which she will live.
Especially on this day Martha called the family earlier.
She was passing on good news.
The second phone call that day – was the family, passing on the information… completely differen…
Martha broke down…
“There is no more hope for me…”

Earlier the family couldn’t handle the knowledge themselves…
In their naivety everyone was a little bit counting for a minimum of honesty in Ireland…
The effort of so many kind people, internet sites, so many meetings, letters to the Court, actions of Polish Embassy, Polish ministries, and…

The Supreme Court doesn’t want to take Martha’s case.
We don’t know the details yet.

Martha received a paper copy of the decision of the Supreme Court on Wednesday.
On Monday evening, as of now former attorney of Martha – Thomas Honan – sent her the decision by post.
(He sent it by post, although he knew, that Dochas Centre prison doesn’t respect the European Prison Rules, and opens the correspondence from the attorney).
The decision is written in English and Martha doesn’t understand it’s content.

Could such decision be expected?
Probably yes.
“The atmosphere” unfavorable for Martha.
The judgement issued earlier by the media.
Promotions and financial bonuses for the prosecutors.
So many meaningful and important people had set up against Martha.
Why change it?
Why undermine the decision of colleagues?
For a poor Polish woman?…

Doesn’t matter, that the world is laughing…
The charge of premeditated murder?
For a driver of a car falling into the water?
No logic, no thinking…
It seems you can survive it…
Maybe it’s easier to survive the giggles of thinking world, than to admit a mistake…
It doesn’t matter, that a poor Polish girl is suffering…
Maybe she deserved it…

Martha naively expected a JUSTICE from the court.
She went to the court for JUSTICE.
The prosecution came to the court for a VERDICT.
Verdict had to be most severe for Martha.
So it will guarantee points in the effectiveness ranking, fame, promotions, money…
And that it was at the expense of a poor young girl…

Is it time that Europe will get to know the judicial system in Ireland more?
Is it time that Europe too look at the paths, with which the “thought” (the word “thought” is a great misuse here, “nonthought” fits better) of Irish prosecutors, judges, GARDA, traveled before it came out to the light in a form of such ridiculous accusation?
And such a disgraceful verdict could be repaired in an “own” backyard…
Without international shame…

Maybe there is still a chance for that…
But how many chances can be given to the Ireland?…
How long one can have good intentions, and wait until someone comes to senses…
…apologizes, fixes…


Martha finally has HER lawyer! – Thank you Frank Gearty for willing to take Martha’s case.

On May 14, during the talk of the family with Martha, decision about changing the lawyer was made.
It was known for a long time, that the attorney must be change.
The search for the right person continued all the time.
Previous barrister was appointed by GARDA from Arklow.
GARDA from Arklow, meaning the main accusers of Martha, and creators of absurd theories about Martha the stuntwoman and the murderer.
But Irish courts believed in those fantasies, and in almost supernatural abilities of Martha.
In the opinion of the family, Martha’s lawyer didn’t disturb them very much, and maybe, sometimes helped them with his decisions.

There was a situation once, that Martha changed her lawyer.
That time, instead of passing the documents, previous lawyer led to withdrawal of the appointed law firm from the case.

Martha’s case is difficult.
Especially on this stage it requires remarkable attorney.
An attorney, who will not fear of negative reception of Martha in massmedia, in the society, and even between Irish judges.
An attorney who will reveal all of gross deficiencies in Martha’s case.
Deficiencies that Ireland wants to hide so carefully, and lead to that no one else will be interested in Martha’s case.

Now a GREAT MAN and VERY GOOD LAWYER was chosen.
We’re very happy, that Frank Gearty was willing to take Martha’s case.

Dochas Centre prison tried to prevent (?!) Martha from changing the attorney. It wanted to censor, if Martha can sign (?!) the documents about changing the attorney.
Ultimately, despite the difficulties from the prison, such a change finally occured.
May 20, 2018 may be considered as a date of changing of the attorney.

Will this be one of the breakthroughs in the case?
Will other honest Irish people want to help Martha?
Is the change not too late?…