We thank people from Ireland for wanting to visit Martha

Regarding last post of Martha’s family about prompt need of visiting Martha, we’ve received the information about people from Ireland wanting to visit her.
We thank you very much for sincere care about state of Martha and for wanting to help.
Sadly, beaurocratic Irish system doesn’t provide special situations and visits.
Martha can have two visits a week. But she can be visited by people, who were previously added to the list of visitors.
Adding people, or changing the list may occur only once a month, and just like everything considering Martha in prison, it’s done with delays and great difficulties.
On this list there are family members, friends, or Martha’s colleagues.
Now the list consists of 8 or 9 people.
If someone, for example, left to go to Poland, and will not be visiting Martha, she replaces that person with someone else, who wants to visit Martha (recently a very close friend of Martha returned to Poland).

Furthermore, when someone from from the list wants to visit Martha, he or she must first “book” the visit, at least 2 days before the actual visit. He or she can do it personally in the prison (during appointed hours: 10 a.m. – 12 noon and 2 p.m. – 4 p.m.) or by the phone (during the same hours, but rarely someone picks up the phone) or by the interntet.

On Tuesday there are no visits in the prison.
Considering, that Martha can be visited twice a week, people from her visisting list consult each other regarding who will come and when.
Using the two visits in the week causes, that on the given week no one can visit her anymore.

On current week, visits of Martha’s friends on Friday and Sunday are already booked.
The friday visit will be especially important.
If Martha’s mental and emotional state will not improve, the family from Poland considers additional, urgent, and unplanned flight to Ireland on Saturday.
Martha’s sister, and possibly Martha’s mum already prepare for this.
If Martha’s family comes from Poland, they are entitled for a “special” visit (it must be booked also). “Special” visit of family from Poland causes, that on the given week no one can visit her anymore (“special” visit nullifies two visits a week)

Caring for Martha’s proper mental and emotional state is a priority in her family’s actions.
Thank you very much for all the help.


Martha can not take it mentally – the family asks Martha’s friends in Ireland for visiting her as fast as possible

Martha can not cope mentally after March 26th.
While talking with the family over the phone, she is depressed. She sounds like she’s not herself anymore. She admitted that she cries a lot. She can’t sleep. She’s talking with Csaba. She feels like Csaba was being beside her.
She’s testy. And for the more, some young officer laughs at her, when she pours herself four bottles of water.
Additionaly it’s two week break in the school.
Everything in prison makes her angry.
She takes excessive blame on herself for the accident.
She takes blame on herself for making so many trouble to her family.
This is how fifth anniversary of Csaba’s death made impact on Martha.

The family and friends missed that date. Outside prison they have their families, concerns and problems. The pace of life is enormous. They lack the time.
Martha has… all the time and dates.
And she counts… or counts down.
Joyful countdown is how many days left to her sister or mum coming over.
How many days to her friends visit.
But there are also sad countings: how many days have passed since… the tragic accident.

The sister will fly from Poland to visit Martha only in April.
So the family asks Martha’s friends in Ireland to visit Martha as quickly as possible, and cheering her up.
If nobody can come to her earlier, Martha’s girl friend will visit her on friday.
Is half an hour of visit enough to bring Martha to somewhat normal state?

In the future, Martha’s will have to get ready for next anniversaries on March 26th.
We can not bring back life for the young man that drowned five years ago.
Today we fight for the second victim of the accident.
The one who survived.
And she will live with the memory of March 26, 2013, till the end of her life.


Meeting of “lifers” with Acting Chief Officer Kelleher

A meeting of “lifers” from Dochas Centre in Dublin (8 women) with Acting Chief Officer, Mrs Kelleher, was held on Thursday, at 2 p.m.
The meeting took place in small room, where Masses are celebrated.
The inmates were informed, that from April 1st, it will be allowed to give them six cosmetics a month.
They were also asked about some problems or requests.
* women serving sentences in Dochas Centre asked for additional two phone calls a week.
Martha raised that she lost the point of attending school and making things. She made those things for others, and she can’t pass them to her close ones.
Mrs Kelleher was surprised by this. She didn’t know anything about any restriction regarding Martha. In that moment, a prison officer interfered and said, that she will explain everything to Mrs Kelleher later.
But what will she explain?
That there are no objections towards Martha in prison, and all restrictions are just inventions of Mrs Governor?
Using Martha, Mrs Governor proposed “a deal” to Martha’s sister: Martha wil still be able to pass everything, only if her sister won’t make it public in the internet.
Martha’s sister doesn’t agree to any such terms and she such demands as unfounded and unlawful.
Will the prison officer also pass this to Mrs Kelleher?

The meeting with inmates lasted half an hour.
Similar meetings are to be held monthly or every two months.
Mrs Kelleher also told Martha, that after next meeting with “lifers” she will also talk to Martha in private.

We thank very much to Mrs Acting Chief Officer Kelleher for her kind interest in problems of inmates in Dochas Centre in Dublin, and for the promise of cyclical meetings.

(We don’t give the name of Mrs Kelleher because we don’t know it. It’s possible thtat it’s Mrs Patricia Kelleher. When only we will find out the name we will supplement the post. It was Mrs Kelleher who gave Martha new permission for e-cigarette)


One of more difficult days for Martha – today is the fifth anniversary of Csaba’s death

Today Martha called her sister earlier than usual. By Martha’s voice, the sister figured out that something’s wrong. But Martha didn’t want to say what is wrong. Only after the evening phonecall Martha revealed the reason for her todays lack of mood. Today is the fifth anniversary of Csaba’s death.

Martha couldn’t sleep at night. Only midnight started and she realized that at this moment exactly five years passed now.

Martha thinks aboout Csaba every day. She can not accept that he is dead. Sometimes she even has something of a grudge against him, that he died and left her alone with responsibility for the accident.

Today Martha felt Csaba’s presence in some special way. Just as if he was with her and talked with her, like he was saying something to her, and she was saying something to him. A difficult day…

It’s good that letters from sister and mum were delivered to Martha today. They cheered her up. Few days ago, Martha also received a Christmas card from sister and mum. Family and friends support is especially valuable in such moments.


There is a new permission for an e-cigarette, so now… no e-cigarette can be found at the prison’s reception

Martha can already have an e-cigarette.
It turns out, that Martha previously had an e-cigarette.
Martha first asks for permission, and only then she asks friends for bringing what she was permitted to have.
That was the case with earlier e-cigarette. Martha got the permission, and one of the friends brought it to the prison. Martha used it for some time.
During one of the searches in Martha’s cell, the e-cigarette charging cable was examined.
Specifically… the plug.
It was considered that this is a plug for a cell phone and Martha must have a cell phone somewhere in the prison.
Martha has the “luck” for “circumstantial accusation”, not supported by any evidence.
Therefore the cable with the same plug as for cell phones, was taken away from Martha. So Martha asked her friends for another e-cigarette, necessarily with completely different plug, not similar to the plug for cell phone.

One of her friends specially bought such e-cigarette, and on March 8th, he brought it to prison. It’s good thing that he signed handing it over.
And then the e-cigarette was not handed over to Martha, she was only supposed to apply for Mrs Governor’s permission again, and Mrs Governor didn’t have time for Martha.
Now, Martha went to Mrs Governor, she found someone else, and received the permission for e-cigarette.
So she went down to get the e-cigarette from prison’s reception, and here the officer couldn’t find it.
Martha waits calmly, until prison’s reception finds somewhere an e-cigarette brought to her by a friend.

A small thing? Of course.
But there are difficulties, annoyances, humiliations.
It’s good that Martha endures this calmly. When she’s lacking patience, the family calms her down.

Until now, Martha hasn’t received cosmetics brought to her by her sister, on the beginning of December last year. (Other inmates with lifetime sentences can already receive cosmetics and get them without any problems)

Others can have and they have… Martha – not.


Martha sings in a choir – St. Patrick’s Day in Dochas Centre

On Wednesday, March 21st, a special performance on the occasion of St. Patrick’s Day was held in Dochas Centre.
An artist performed on the gym exclusively for the inmates of Dochas Centre. “He did some play” (Martha’s words).
Inmates also performed.
Ten people choir, consisting of inmates, was singing Irish songs for the rest of the prisoners. Martha was in this choir and sang together with other inmates.
Exclusively for the performance, Martha painted her eyelids in colours of Irish flag. She also painted her lashes green.
Martha was also given coffee and a candy bar.

From how Martha put on her makeup the family concludes that Martha doesn’t hold any grudge against Ireland.
Martha has a grudge and bad feelings against the Irish system, and some of the people in Ireland, who led to such gross judgement in the case of a car accident.


The warmth returns to Martha’s room – for how long?

The situation repeats itself.
We write that Martha’s cell-room is cold, and… soon the heating returns.
Of course we’re glad, that Martha isn’t freezing.
But is there any reason for the outages of heating of the cell-room?
Is it a coincidence, some malfunctions, or maybe someone is having lots of fun?


Martha’s cell is cold again

Once more Martha’s cell is cold.
What is it related to?
Are those some failures or some kind of outages?
Why this concerns only Martha’s cell-room?

Last time, when we wrote about such situation, the problem was resolved the next day.
Will this time be similar?


Martha wants to quit smoking – she asks for a possibility to use e-cigarette, that was brought to her

Unfortunately Martha is smoking cigarettes. She would like to quit. She knows that she should.
She already tried to limit the amount of smoked cigarettes. But daily stressing situations happening in prison make it impossible for her. Smoking helps Martha calm down.
Martha will try still.

She asked to bring an e-cigarette for her to prison, so called “electric”.
One of her friend bought an e-cigarette especially for her, and brought it to the prison.
However it was not handed over to Martha.
One can have an e-cigarette if allowed by Mrs Governor. Martha made an appointment for a meeting, but Mrs Governor didn’t have the time. She only said to  ask the prison  officer to write her an e-mail in the matter.
When Martha said that to prison officer, the latter stated, that she doesn’t know what to she is expected to write.

Other prisoners have e-cigarettes. They received them without any problems.



Did swine flu appear in Dochas Centre prison?

On Thursday, one of the inmates fainted on prison courtyard.
It is also possible that one inmate, who has a child, was transferred.
Inmates are not informed about any danger, but something is happening in the prison.
On Friday, prison officers left home earlier.
Two inmates dressed in safety uniforms, disinfected the upper corridoor and two cell-rooms. First in one building and second in other.
Inmates talk among themselves about swine flu.
Marta draws even more attention to cleanliness and additionally launders all her clothes.