Due to raising funds, Martha’s family limits flights to Ireland

The most important activities of Martha’s family includes caring for Martha’s good mental condition, and the fight for restoring justice for Martha – for FREEDOM.
For these two years the family tried to balance those goals.

One of assumed actions was visiting Martha once a month.
Most often two people went from Poland to visit Martha.
Most often those were Martha’s sister and her mum.
Single person trips also occured, but also a three person ones.
Despite the adversities, most oftenly, someone from Poland, from the family, visited Martha.
Different obstacles didn’t led to change in visits.
During one of visits in Ireland, Martha’s sister broke a leg.
For seeing Martha she hopped on one leg, because there was no time for the hospital.
There was no time – it was a choice: seeing Martha or hospital.
After seeing was the second choice: hospital, or a flight to Poland.
Decision was simple: hopping on one leg to the visit with Martha, then on one leg to the airplane, and in Poland – directly from the plane to the hospital, and the leg in the cast – a fracture with displacement.
At least one planned flight to Martha was gone.
Martha’s mum, before one of planned flights to Martha also severely broke her leg.
For a time she couldn’t com to her daughter, then she came with a crutch.
Two weeks before planned flight, one person from the family got injured in a car accident (a hit in the car from the back by another car – the effect: the neck in cervical collar). For the time of visit, the collar was taken off, and left in Poland/
The family had overcome different obstacles, but someone regularly was visiting Martha.
Today the family gathers funds and it has to manage them accordingly.
Now, a great amount of funding is needed.
Great amount of funding to lead the legal fight for freedom for Martha to a happy ending.

Due to this the family made a difficult decision, to cut costly visits with Martha in Ireland.
The family wanted to make Martha a surprise, and come on her birthday.
Unfortunately it was decided to give up the plan.

Now the family conducts extensive consultations.
Until the end of June, the family must be sure about the next actions regarding Martha.
Then the flight to Ireland is planned and a meeting with Martha’s new attorney – Frank Gearty, with whom the cooperation is coming very well.

We thank very much to TRUE FRIENDS of Martha from Ireland, who try, if possible, to visit Martha in prison twice a week.

Will Marta, in order to reduce the costs incurred by a family from Poland, decide to serve her sentence in Poland?
Will she want to change very good conditions in Dochas Centre prison in Dublin to worse conditions in prison in Poland, but closer to the family?
…time will tell…

Highly recommended

First enormous request – PLEASE HELP US FINANCIALLY

Till now we asked very modestly.
We didn’t expose this request.
We didn’t impose ourselves.
We didn’t put ads to our sites.
We can count few more of such “didn’ts”
First of all:
Never before have we raised money and…
…we have NO experience in that.

We do plenty of things out of necessity and for the first time.
But someone has to do it.
The situation surprised us and made us undertake actions we haven’t done until now.

We would like to thank very much for previous donations on behalf of Martha.
We will try to use the raised money very reasonably.
Until now we didn’t spend anything from raised money.
At the same time, we can ensure that if we would like to count the costs incurred by us so far – it would be many times more than the amount collected.
We don’t even want to think how many times more.
We write about this only to say, that we act without looking at if we have help, or not.

Due to the fact that fight for Martha enters decisive phase, we would like to ask you very much for full support of our actions regarding Financial Fund for saving Martha.

Please share broadly the link for donations:

We ask the people with experience for help in organizing raises on English language sites and other.

The goal: FREEDOM for Martha
Term: getting out of Martha to freedom in year… (…not this year. We know what year we would want to enter here. For sure this isn’t the year that Ireland plans to set Martha free – surely not the year 2034)
Amount of raised money: … guaranteeing professional defence of Martha’s violated rights and fixing the harm done to her. (If the amount would come out higher, then we will donate the surplus for other aggrieved people).
Allocation of the amount: legal actions for restoring justice.
The Method:… effective.
Time of raising funds: NOW and gradually during half of year (if needed, the raising may be prolonged for few more months).

We thank very much to every sincere person for previous actions.
We hope for a positive final of this tragedy thanks to the support of great, valuable people

Highly recommended

Fight for justice for Martha enters decisive phase – may we ASK for help?

What happened after rejecting of Martha’s case by Supreme Court?
We don’t want to say: “Nothing happened”.
We want to say: “Nothing happened that we didn’t foresee”.
Accumulation of negative emotions in Ireland around Martha’s case didn’t allow us to have too much hope for decision positive for Martha.
We will speak about the decision of the Supreme Court.
We had to try…
We had to try to make the renowned judges in Ireland, sitting in the Supreme Court, interested in Martha’s case.
The delegated judges made their decision.
They are not interested.
It is not known whether unanimously.
We can only thank, that they didn’t wait too long to make the decision.
Briefly and directly, in a way comprehensible even for a layman, they also dealt with the incompetence of Martha’s defenders.

Now we’re moving to further actions.
It is comforting, that the limit of probable failures that we assumed, has just been exhausted.
With pleasure we move to the next stages.
Stages for restoring justice for Martha.
For fixing the harm done to Martha in Ireland.
With no illusions…
With no naive expectations…

Regarding this, we will turn to you with pleas for help.
We will have 3 enormous pleas.
Every plea will be extremely important.

We will be most grateful to kind people who will want to actively answer our requests.
The next half of year and the next 12 months will be decisive.
For that to happen, exceptional HELP is needed NOW…
…and from NOW…
The more people will want to help us, the more the help for Martha will be effective…


It’s tomorrow – a rerun of a SUPERWIZJER report about MArtha – Saturday, June9, TVN24, 8:00 p.m.

In TVN24 TV station, reruns of reports which were very popular begun.
As one of such reports, the one about Martha was included, entitled:
“She drove into ice-cold water, a man died. Polish woman sentenced to lifetime imprisonment in Ireland”.

The report will be broadcasted in TVN24, on Saturday, June 9, at 8:00 p.m.

Once more we thank to TVN24 TV station for realizing the report.
We also thank for including of Martha’s case in  reruns.

We ask very much for sharing this information broadly.
Maybe, despite hot weekend, thanks to the rerun of the programme, other sincere people will want to have their share in a fight for justice for Martha.

Broadcasting of the rerun met with three events of last days:
May 20 – changing of the attorney
May 21 – rejection of the case by the Supreme Court in Ireland
June 7 – Martha’s 31st birthday.

The report of SUPERWIZJER is still available on internet sites, including ours.
It’s among most recommended by us programmes about Martha’s case.
Unfortunately it’s available only in Polish language.
That’s why we often recommend a shorter programme TVN UWAGA, in which we provided English subtitles.

Possibly, in a while, a next part of TVN UWAGA programme will be produced.
We also do not reject discussing about Martha’s case in other programmes in Poland.
Poland and Polish people are interested in Martha.
Poland and Polish people are appalled by what happend to ther fellow compatriot.
Poland and Polish people can play a key role in restoring the justice in Martha’s case.

Please share broadly this information.


Very kind gesture from other women prisoners – thank you

Today Martha got a very nice surprise.
During one of the meals co-inmates decided to make Martha a pleasure.
On the occasion of her Birthday.

They gave her some of their food rations.
Few inmates gave Martha 1 orange each and other fruits.
As a result Martha received 5 oranges and other fruits.
It was a great  and very nice surprise for Martha.
She didn’t know what to do with the oranges: to smell them or to eat them?
On friday Martha plans to make herself a “Free day” (it sounds so nice!) and make a feast from what she received.

This what happened to Martha from other inmates is a very nice surprise,
It’s especially precious, when even in difficult conditions, even having so little, with a one gesture, one sacrifice, you can bring so much joy.
We thank very much for that.
We try to support Martha in everything, but we cannot be near Martha.
The more we are grateful to people, who are in a difficult position themselves, but they can get to show spontaneous, unconstrainted kindness.

The situation also proves that Martha is liked everywhere.
She’s a good and warm girl, arousing general sympathy.
Probably except some people from Irish GARDA and some lying Irish journalists calling Martha Ice Queen Killer.

Life shows, who is really who.
All the time the question will come back:
“Is it possible for such warm and liked person like Martha, could harm anyone?”
Today it’s Martha who was harmed, but she bears that very bravely.

Once more we thank very much to the inmates of Dochas Centre prison for a very kind gesture towards Martha.


Martha’s birthday – alone by the coffee and popcorn

Today, June 7, Martha celebrated her Birthday.
Second Birthday in Dochas Centre prison in Dublin, Ireland.

Martha had earlier prepared two things for herself: coffee and popcorn.
For her it’s a “prison luxury” she allows herself only on Sunday or on special occasions.
And sometimes something sweet, like a candybar.
She prepared the coffee and the popcorn herself after she came from school, and she spent the evening alone.

Is this the last Birthday in prison in Ireland?
Where will she be in a year?

MArtha received many postcards with birthday wishes from her close ones, but also from strangers.
Probably not all of them were given to her yet.
Some of the close ones, especially called Martha’s sister today and asked her to pass their birthday wishes to Martha.

Martha wanted to thank very much everyone through us.
She thanks very, very much everyone for your memory of her, and for all the wishes.
Martha doesn’t feel the strength enough to thank by herself.
She doesn’t feel the strength, because she’s so touched by the memory of other people, that the emotions wouldn’t let her finish what she would want to say.
Although she is very strong overcoming the obstacles that she encounters.

We wish Martha the strength to overcome those obstacles…
And just one more little, wish, not spoken loudly to the end:
“So that will be the last… in…
So that will be the las… without”

“So that it would come true…”


Martha gets acquainted with the decision of Supreme Court of Ireland, translated into Polish language

On Sunday, June 3, Martha received the decision of Supreme Court of Ireland, translated to Polish language.
Decision of refusing to deal with her case.
She received it by letter from her previous attorney, who undertook to deliver the translation to Martha.

On Monday, June 4, Martha was acquainting herself with the decision.
It’s easy to guess what was her mood.

What Martha thinks about this?
What are her conclusions?

We would gladly share her opinion on the subject.
We really want to express our own opinions.
But we’re restraining ourselves…
A little bit more…
Let the emotions fall a little more…

This doesn’t change the fact, that we will gladly hear Your opinion on the subject.
We will soon express your opinion on our sites.
We will also ask for suggestions to use before European Court of Human Rights.

Possibly we will publish the translated decision of the Supreme Court in Ireland on our Polish site.
Right now, people who know English language and are interested in the contents of the decision, may translate it by themselves.
They can translate it using free, automatic internet translation tools.
Admittedly it won’t be very precise translation, but the sense can be grasped.
And at this stage, only… the sense is most important.


“Supreme Court refuses to hear Marta Herda’s appeal over pier murder conviction” – breakingnews.ie

Supreme Court refuses to hear Marta Herda’s appeal over pier murder conviction

Supreme Court refuses to hear Marta Herda’s appeal over pier murder conviction

The Supreme Court has refused to hear a further appeal by a Polish woman against her conviction for the murder of a man who drowned after she drove her car through a barrier into a deep harbour in Co Wicklow.

Source: www.breakingnews.ie/ireland/supreme-court-refuses-to-hear-marta-herdas-appeal-over-pier-murder-conviction-846269.html