“Death in Arklow – Polish woman sentenced to life” – video in Polish language

Death in Arklow. Polish woman sentenced to life.

Śmierć w Arklow. Polka skazana na dożywocie

Martha Herda serves lifetime imprisonment sentence for murder in Irish prison. Almost five years ago, the car she was driving, broke through barriers in harbour in Aklow, and fell into ice-cold water. On passenger’s seat was sitting a man, who was unhappily in love wiht her. She managed to swim out, he drowned. Why did Irish court sentenced Martha for murder, not for causing an accident? What was Martha’s relations with the man who died? About this in the reportage “Death in Arklow. Polish woman sentenced to life” by Martyna Aftyka and Robert Socha, on 8pm, this saturday in Superwizjer, TVN24.

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“Accident or murder?” – announcement of Superwizjer programme in Polish TV

Accident or murder? Polish woman with lifetime imprisonment sentence in Ireland.

Wypadek czy morderstwo? Polka z wyrokiem dożywocia w Irlandii

30 years old Martha Herda is serving lifetime imprisonment sentence in maximum security prison in Dublin, for over a year now. Polish woman was sentenced for murdering her colleague, 31 years old Csaba, of Hungarian descent. In 2013 woman drove her car with a high speed to the river. Csaba was sitting in passenger’s seat. Man drowned. Why the investigators concluded, that Martha Herda purposefully led to an accident? The woman never pleaded guilty, though media called her cold murderer.

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Full episode of UWAGA! Programme

Uwaga!, Stwierdzili, że wypadek to morderstwo. 30-latka z dożywociem w irlandzkim więzieniu online | Oglądaj w Player.pl!

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They stated the accident was in fact a murder. 30-year-old woman with life sentence in Irish jail.

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Article and the programme about the case

Marta Herda skazana na dożywocie. Wyrok w Irlandzkim więzieniu | Oficjalna strona programu UWAGA! TVN

Marta Herda skazana na dożywocie. Wyrok w Irlandzkim więzieniu | Oficjalna strona programu UWAGA! TVN

Wyjechała do Irlandii by szukać szczęścia i znaleźć dobra pracę. Ale zielona wyspa tylko przez 7 lat była dla młodej kelnerki miejscem dobrego życia. Od ro…

Source: uwaga.tvn.pl/reportaze,2671,n/marta-herda-skazana-na-dozywocie-wyrok-w-irlandzkim-wiezieniu,243504.html