Wishes from Marta

Marta asked to give the best, most heartfelt New Year wishes on her behalf.
She also gives thanks to all those who support her.

May the next year be better.

In prison on such a day, nothing happens. Officers close everything ealier because they want to go home ealier.


Special dinner in prison, for “lifes”

On friday, 8th of december, an annual special dinner was held in prison, for persons serving lifetime sentences (“lifes”).
7 women (including Martha) who serve lifetime sentences in Dochas Centre were allowed to invite their close ones.
Every woman could invite up to 3 people. In total, there was about 20 people at the dinner.


Martha also could invite 3 people.
By decision of Martha and her family it was agreed that those people will be: two friends of Martha from Ireland, and Martha’s sister – Monika, who will arrive from Poland specially for the occasion.
The family wanted Martha’s mother to come, but it was eventually agreed, that Monika would arrive.
The two friends were Krysia and Rafał. Both support Martha and her family a lot (thank you) and they weren’t on such dinner last year.

A short relation from the sister.



Was Martha shouting ‘help’ or ‘rape’

26th of march 2013, at 6am, Martha is running, cold, soaked, teeth chattering, and shouting ‘help‘.
Martha has no doubts about what she was shouting.
Some witnesses are not capable to distinct if she was shouting ‘help’ or ‘rape’.

What could she possibly be shouting?

Although reactions of people can be various, but would a raped person be running, shouting all over the town, that she was raped?
Victims of the tragedy of rape, often hide it from the whole world, they do not shout it all over the town.
Rape causes closing into yourself, often for the whole life, It does not cause running with remnants of strength, shouting about one’s tragedy, to the people.

If Martha was really raped, would she want to inform all Arklow about her harm?

So why did Garda suggested, that Martha was shouting 'rape'?
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But the motive, as Martha supposedly wanted to kill Csaba, is non existent.


Why is Martha running, shouting ‘help!’, after the accident

On the recordings from cameras mounted on the Lifeboat House building, at 6:00am you can see Martha, who is running with her hands raised.
She is runs, she stops, squats, staggers on her legs, leans against the wicket, and runs again, probably shouting.

What do you think? Why is she running and shouting ‘help’?
Point the right answer.

Cold, soaked, teeth chattering, Martha is running, shouting ‘help’.
She is shouting with all of what’s left of her strength.

When Garda arrives, Martha convinces them, to quickly go to the quay, because there is a human in the water, who cannot swim (in her conviction).

Is this a behaviour of a person, who deliberately drove a car with passanger into the water?