Why Martha’s rights to secrecy of correspondence with the attorney, are violated in Dochas Centre prison in Dublin?

Ireland agreed to respect European Prison Rules.

According to those rules, Martha’s correspondance TO AND FROM HER LAWYER CAN NOT BE SUPERVISED.
It can not be opened.
Opening of letters may take place only in the presence of Martha.
Opening in Martha’s presence is only meant to make sure, that correspondence from a lawyer is indeed included in a letter described externally as correspondence from a lawyer.

That’s the law…
And the reality in Dochas Centre Prison in Dublin?
During her entire prison stay (almost 2 years), Martha receives all her letters opened, including those from her attorney.

Why Dochas Centre prison in Dublin, for almost 2 years violates Martha’s rights to secrecy of correspondance with an attorney?
Could anything regarding Martha, on any stage, in Ireland, happen lawfully?
Is respecting human, prisoner or or foreigner rights… too difficult for this country?

Or maybe another questions:
Is Ireland rulend onlby by Omnipotent Euro and Enormous Selfishness?
Are any rights respected in Ireland?

After our experience, we can answer the question: “Are any rights respected in Ireland?“, this way:… IT MAY HAPPEN


The visit of the public defender – Martha receives important translation of nurse’s testimony

On Thursday Martha was visited by her public defender.
He personally delivered what Martha asked for  a few months ago: a translation of nurse Claire Best testimony.
Martha asked for this in her telephone call few months ago
She didn’t receive anything.
She asked for this officialy, via letter – on March 5, 2018 (Letter nr 3).
(The help and cooperation of public defender is so well, that every request Martha sends on writing: a numbered letter to the attorney and identical letter to her sister).
In the letter to the defender she asked for delivering it in 7 days.
Instead of delivering it on time, the attorney sent Martha a letter, asking why she wants this in 7 days?
He delivered it on Thursday – May 3, 2018.
Not after 7 days – but after… few months since the first request and 2 months after the written request.
(In her letter dated March 5, 2018, Martha requested dwo more information, which she didn’t receive, and she’s still waiting).

The public attorney informed Martha, that the decision of the Supreme Court can be made any moment now.
And the latest?
In the latest it can be made until end of June or end of July, 2018.

What happened that Martha’s attorney came down personally?
Is this connected to the violations of rights and correspondance of Martha in Dochas Centre prison in Dublin?