The power of hope resulting from Easter

Easter is two events connected to Jesus Christ.
Jesus Christ, whose name no one questions, and each religion only differ in their assesment of who he wasm and what role he played.

Those two events are:
1. The martyr, selfless death after an unfair trial and a scandalously unfair sentence
(As you can see, unfair trials, and grossly unfair sentences have a very long tradition)
2.Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

For believers, enormous hope flows from resurrection of Jesus Christ.
In the Holy Bible, a scripture recognized by many religion as a Word of God, St. Paul described this (1 Corinthians 15:12-14,16,17)

12 But if it is preached that Christ has been raised from the dead, how can some of you say that there is no resurrection of the dead? 13 If there is no resurrection of the dead, then not even Christ has been raised. 14 And if Christ has not been raised, our preaching is useless and so is your faith.


16 For if the dead are not raised, then Christ has not been raised either. 17 And if Christ has not been raised, your faith is futile

If Christ had risen from the dead then there is (will be) a resurrection.
If Christ had risen from the dead, then others will rise also.
If Christ had risen from the dead, then Csaba will rise from the dead also.
If Christ had risen from the dead, then milions of people who died will rise from the dead also.

If Christ had NOT risen from the dead, then… all Christian religions have no sense.

May faith in Resurrected Jesus Christ will be a source of enormous strength in waiting for resurrectiopn of every close ones, who died.
Someday this resurrection will take place…



Martha can not take it mentally – the family asks Martha’s friends in Ireland for visiting her as fast as possible

Martha can not cope mentally after March 26th.
While talking with the family over the phone, she is depressed. She sounds like she’s not herself anymore. She admitted that she cries a lot. She can’t sleep. She’s talking with Csaba. She feels like Csaba was being beside her.
She’s testy. And for the more, some young officer laughs at her, when she pours herself four bottles of water.
Additionaly it’s two week break in the school.
Everything in prison makes her angry.
She takes excessive blame on herself for the accident.
She takes blame on herself for making so many trouble to her family.
This is how fifth anniversary of Csaba’s death made impact on Martha.

The family and friends missed that date. Outside prison they have their families, concerns and problems. The pace of life is enormous. They lack the time.
Martha has… all the time and dates.
And she counts… or counts down.
Joyful countdown is how many days left to her sister or mum coming over.
How many days to her friends visit.
But there are also sad countings: how many days have passed since… the tragic accident.

The sister will fly from Poland to visit Martha only in April.
So the family asks Martha’s friends in Ireland to visit Martha as quickly as possible, and cheering her up.
If nobody can come to her earlier, Martha’s girl friend will visit her on friday.
Is half an hour of visit enough to bring Martha to somewhat normal state?

In the future, Martha’s will have to get ready for next anniversaries on March 26th.
We can not bring back life for the young man that drowned five years ago.
Today we fight for the second victim of the accident.
The one who survived.
And she will live with the memory of March 26, 2013, till the end of her life.


One of more difficult days for Martha – today is the fifth anniversary of Csaba’s death

Today Martha called her sister earlier than usual. By Martha’s voice, the sister figured out that something’s wrong. But Martha didn’t want to say what is wrong. Only after the evening phonecall Martha revealed the reason for her todays lack of mood. Today is the fifth anniversary of Csaba’s death.

Martha couldn’t sleep at night. Only midnight started and she realized that at this moment exactly five years passed now.

Martha thinks aboout Csaba every day. She can not accept that he is dead. Sometimes she even has something of a grudge against him, that he died and left her alone with responsibility for the accident.

Today Martha felt Csaba’s presence in some special way. Just as if he was with her and talked with her, like he was saying something to her, and she was saying something to him. A difficult day…

It’s good that letters from sister and mum were delivered to Martha today. They cheered her up. Few days ago, Martha also received a Christmas card from sister and mum. Family and friends support is especially valuable in such moments.

Highly recommended

How it was possible to not take fingerprints from Martha’s car?

Prosecutor, during the trial in court, said that Martha used the car as a “murder weapon”.

It’s probably the first case in history of European forensics, that nobody has taken fingerprints from the “murder weapon”.

Sticking to the terminology of the prosecutor:
Due to the lack of fingerprints taken from the car – the prosecutor doesn’t even knows who held this alleged “murder weapon”, who pulled the symbolic “trigger”.

Stating, that Martha’s car was used as a “murder weapon” is far from truth.

Why prosecutor’s statement, that Martha’s car was used as a “murder weapon” can’t be true?

Which argument convinces you? Select and vote (you can select more than one answer or provide your own).

Or maybe Garda’s actions were correct?
Fingerprints were not taken from the car, only water samples were taken: both from the river (site of accident) and from the sea (place where Csaba’s body was found).

The cause of Csaba’s death was not car but… water.

Highly recommended

Lack of recordings from CCTV cameras on Martha and Csaba’s route

There are at least several industrial cameras, on the route which Martha and Csaba drove.

GARDA was concentrating on Martha driving through the center of Arklow, where she was driving alone. Recordings from at least two of the cameras were gathered.
No recording  from the route of Martha driving with Csaba did preserve (or recording wasn’t disclosed).

What would be seen on those recordings?

  1. The velocity of the car.
  2. In what posiotion was the passenger of the car – Csaba.
  3. Is the passenger (Csaba) not obscuring the direction of travel and the field of view, to the driver (Martha).
  4. Was the passenger (Csaba) behaviour deviates from normal behaviour.
  5. Was the driver window open, in the car during the ride.

Is the lack of recordings from CCTV cameras a coincidence?

What does this say? Select and vote.

Or maybe some recordings preserved?