“I often think about his family, about torture they must be going through, especially on holiday or his birthday, or the day of the accident… I feel responsible, but not for murder…” – fifth fragment of Martha’s book

Fifth fragment of the bookDo I feel responsible for his death?
It’s still hard for me to believe this, or accept it. I often think about his family, about torture they must be going through, especially on holiday or his birthday, or the day of the accident. I’m afraid to imagine his mother’s pain and others. Although I’m sure that this accident wouldn’t happen if he wasn’t attacking me in the car, but I also made many mistakes. I stopped my car, or should I take another route? It’s not important now, I WAS THE DRIVER, and I feel very responsible for his death, that I couldn’t save him and find him. That I could do something differently. This will stay with me for the rest of my life, there is not a single day, that I am not thinking about it. I would like very much that he was here, and not leaving me with all of this. I feel responsible, but not for murder.


Martha wants to quit smoking – she asks for a possibility to use e-cigarette, that was brought to her

Unfortunately Martha is smoking cigarettes. She would like to quit. She knows that she should.
She already tried to limit the amount of smoked cigarettes. But daily stressing situations happening in prison make it impossible for her. Smoking helps Martha calm down.
Martha will try still.

She asked to bring an e-cigarette for her to prison, so called “electric”.
One of her friend bought an e-cigarette especially for her, and brought it to the prison.
However it was not handed over to Martha.
One can have an e-cigarette if allowed by Mrs Governor. Martha made an appointment for a meeting, but Mrs Governor didn’t have the time. She only said to  ask the prison  officer to write her an e-mail in the matter.
When Martha said that to prison officer, the latter stated, that she doesn’t know what to she is expected to write.

Other prisoners have e-cigarettes. They received them without any problems.



Did swine flu appear in Dochas Centre prison?

On Thursday, one of the inmates fainted on prison courtyard.
It is also possible that one inmate, who has a child, was transferred.
Inmates are not informed about any danger, but something is happening in the prison.
On Friday, prison officers left home earlier.
Two inmates dressed in safety uniforms, disinfected the upper corridoor and two cell-rooms. First in one building and second in other.
Inmates talk among themselves about swine flu.
Marta draws even more attention to cleanliness and additionally launders all her clothes.


” I try to run away with my thoughts to my family… things my family doesn’t have and I feel bad about it…” – fourth fragment of Martha’s book

When I try to sleep a million thoughts and vision per second comes to my mind. Like a merry-go-round. “What if…? What if…? Why this way and not the other? Could I prevent it?” I analyze  foolishly although I know it won’t change anything. I try to run away with my thoughts to my family. I imagine their laughter and our life together. I’m comforting myself that God didn’t take me away, and I still can hear them over the phone, see them and touch them during visits. All those things his family doesn’t have, and I feel bad about it.


Martha receives a rose on the occasion of International Women’s Day

Today, on the occasion of International Women’s Day, Mrs Headteacher of school to which Martha attends in prison, decided to give a rose to every woman prisoner attending the school.
Martha have chosen a rose of orange colour.

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Pole in Ireland: Forner or Full citizen?

Fellow compatriots in Ireland.
Martha’s situation shows how ,at least some, Polish people are treated in Ireland.
But Martha will eventually regain freedom.
Will she be released in Ireland or in Poland?
Will you be willing to help your compatriot?
Or maybe you believed in Irish propaganda, and you thing that she’s guilty, and she got what she deserves?
Maybe you are convinced about Martha’s innocence, but you don’t want to stand out, and show your opinion in this unfriendly environment? You have your work, some regular money, what do you care about Martha? Why risk? This will certainly never happen to you.

If Martha will be released in Poland – your situation won’t change and can even get worse. Irish system will harden, and will be even more ruthless to foreigners. Hope you will not experience it, even in the smallest matter. If it was possible to accuse Martha with an absurd charge, and it was pushed further, there will be no problem to push anything against you, foreigners.

What if Martha was released in Ireland?
You can be sure, that foreigners will be started being treated more seriously. And maybe, as it is in civilized countries, a translator will be obligatory to assist a foreigner, and at will to charge an accusation – an attorney (things Martha didn’t have in the beginning – neither an attorney nor the translator). GARDA will not start to interrogate you without a translator and without you consulting an attorney. And  most certainly will not try to use it against you at court.

Dear compatriots in Ireland.
We’re not hiding, that if you wish, you can help us a lot.
Help us, but also, help yourself.
We thank very much to all Poles living in Ireland, who support Martha’s fight for justice.

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It’s now 2-0. Will it be 3-0, and what next?

Martha’s current situation is 0-2 result. Two spectacular losses.
Will there be a third one?
It still hasn’t been decided if t there will be a next game on the opponent’s territory.
If it comes to it, it’s going to be a fight, where the result is very important.
Previous 0-2 may not have  any meaning at the time. The result of the game will be decisive, or there can be annulment and repeat of the first encounter.
What if it will not come to this strife?
Then this will be the time to fight at home and at the same time to submit a request for a game on a neutral ground.
The game at home wouldn’t be a play to score. It would be a fight for the player. For providing him what he deserves and what he doesn’t get on enemy territory now. First of all it would be a fight for physical and mental health, recovering. Fixing everything what’s possible to fix. At the same time, an application for international arbitration will be directed to play on a neutral ground. This will be the fight for everything: for score, and for all possible penalties for ruthless opponent.
Is it time to change the coach after two losses?
Current coach is the one appointed by the opponent. Probably he isn’t even a coach of the discipline in which the fight is going, because the opponent changed the conditions of the competition.
Some say, that after first such spectacular failure, the coach should resign by himself already, and surely he shouldn’t be responsible for the second game. In some countries he even wouldn’t have the chance. Coaches were “thanked” after less culpable losses.
What are we thinking about?
About TIME.
We plan our next actions, and times goes flows and flows.
The player is being held in unfavorable, hostile surroundings. At a cost of his health, psyche. Every previous experience accumulate with current pushing around and ill-treatment.
Sooner or later, this player will be recovered.
What state will he be in?
While caring for the player, in what moment should decisions about next steps be taken?


Martha’s cell is warm – thank you

Martha informed us, that her cell is already warm. Thank you.
It was very cold for few days.
It turned out that the cell has floor heating.
For few days, for reasons unknown to Martha, her cell was cold.
Martha says it’s a bit strange, because only her cell-room was cold.
(Or maybe it was enough to write about this on our sites?)
Anyway, we give our thanks that, Martha’s cell-room temperature is normal again.

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Suggesting Martha’s “secret” phone

Martha had two phones with active cards. One with number ending in …32, the second with number ending with …05. She had one of the phones for 7 years (…32), the second one fo 2 years (…05). She used both of them.

Why she had two?
Martha says herself, that she sometimes lost the phone or leave it somewhere and she couldn’t find it. So she bought second one, as an additional phone.
She also switched the cards between them, so she was using the newer phone on the main number (…32) , and older phone on the second, additional number (…05).
The older phone,  with less used number (…05), Martha took with her in the situation, where she anticipated that she can loose it somewhere (on tours, strolls) or leave it somewhere.
Both of Martha’s phone numbers were known to her friends and both were actively used.

How billings from Martha’s phones were prepared:
Only the period from March 23rd 2013 (3 days before the event) to March 26th 2013 (the day of the event), was taken.
Only contacting selected people was presented.
What came out of it:
Using the number “…32”:
– Martha called Csaba – 4 times
– text messages from Csaba to Martha – 2 times
Using the number “…05”:
– Martha called Csaba – 8 times
– Csaba called Martha – 13 times
– text messages from Csaba to Martha – 7 times
This was juxtaposed with Martha’s phone calls  to Victor (only using the number “…32”)
– Martha called Victor – 16 times
– text messages from Martha to Victor – 11 times
Based on this, Irish Garda, and the prosecutor’s office came to conclusion, that Martha had a “secret” phone (“…05”), she used only for calling Csaba.

Despite the matter had been explained earlier, that both phone numbers were known, and in use all the time, this didn’t prevent the prosecutor to present this in the court as an argument against Martha.


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