‘A lot of the women coming in here feel enormous shame’ – Governor Mary O’Connor about Dochas Centre prison (a place where some inmates want to come back?)

‘A lot of the women coming in here feel enormous shame’ – Independent.ie

‘A lot of the women coming in here feel enormous shame’ – Independent.ie


Source: www.independent.ie/


“(Very) Eavesdropped conversation”

It was a very tough night for Martha’s family.
All the time while being imprisoned, Martha was calling someone.
On Monday, April 23, no one of family or friends got a phonecall.
The family was worried, because Martha was very emotional about the goodbye.
Martha is always waiting for something, and now… no one knows (there is no date) when her sister will arrive again.

One of Martha’s friends, asked by Martha’s family, called the prison at night, and she was told only that Martha was on the dinner.
On Tuesday, a friend, and Martha’s sister called the prison, asking to tell Martha, that her family is worried, and they await phone call.

First there were several attempts to connect from an undisclosed number.
Finaly Martha could be heard.
She could be heard but with a large delay.
When Martha was asked a question, there was a silence. While asking next question, Martha was answering the previous, speaking simultaneously.
You did not need to hear someone’s breath to be sure that someone else is very much interested in the content of the conversation.

Out of necessity, for these 6 minutes (due to delays – 3 minutes) it wasn’t much of a talk.
The family had heard Martha, but they are certain that something happened on Monday.
It’s impossible that Martha didn’t want to call.

Most often the problems arise when the sister leaves.
When the sister is in Ireland, everyone pretend that everything is all right.
Just as the sister leaves Ireland, already on Monday, some strange things start happening.
Mrs Chief also announces that she will talk to Martha after her sister’s visit.

(It was similar with the first trial in the Court – sister left Ireland, when she already postponed the filght date once. Everything was indicating, that the Jury will not make the decision. Just as the sister left – decision was made, and what decision.)

Should Martha’s family come to Ireland more often for Martha’s good?
Or maybe it’s the time for Martha to bid farewell to unfeeling Ireland?


Delivering of part of things to Martha

On Thursday, Martha’s sister brought her different things she brought from Poland.
What’s unheard of, part of those things was handed to Martha already on Saturday morning!
Of things brought by the sister, the mestrual pads, CDs, DVDs, cosmetics, and towels were not handed to Martha.

Recently, after two weeks Martha was handed things, brought for her by one of her friends: sweeping brush, and a toilet brush.
First, no one wanted to hand them to Martha, claiming that every cell is equipped with such brushes.
But Martha’s cell wasn’t.
Finally they were handed to Martha.
Together with a rosary (we don’t know from who).

Things for which we put the counters on our sites, were still not handend to Martha.
In the counter in which things for prisoners are received, they are starting to have enough of questions asked by Martha’s family and friends, about when will the things brought previously be handed to Martha.
The people there are not guilty of anything. They only take things both for the Dochas Centre women’s prison and Mountjoy Prison men’s prison.
Surprised by not handing things to Martha, one of the officers was bluntly evaluating his colleagues: “F… staff.”

Everyone visiting Martha ask, and will still be asking about the things brought previously.

The counters are still on…
Officers in Dochas Centre go for the record…
(but the record of what?)


Problems with visits – second day of sisters meetings

After yesterday’s accidental accidental obtaining of information about Martha’s degradation, sisters anticipated further problems. And so it happened today.
For two weeks Martha was checking every day if her sister’s visit is booked.
And it was. The sister was booked for visits on three days.
But changing of Martha’s status resulted in cancellation of one visiting day.
The sister met Martha on Thursday. Friday visit was cancelled. Saturday is planned as new week starts on Saturday (seeing Martha by her sister on Saturday means that no one else can visit Martha until next Saturday)

Both Martha and her sister were, however, very determined.
Martha was asking in the morning. Sister came in visiting time, and was decided to wait as long as it takes. She especially came from Poland for 4 days so she can see her sister for 3 days.

We thank very much to the officer who called Mrs Governor.
We thank Mrs Governor for coming specially to the second gate, and allowing sisters to see each other.

And Martha?
She only had to pass near a boorish prison officer, who spits behind her every time when she walks by (when the officer walks by Martha’s cell, he kicks her door).
And sisters could meet, enjoy each other, and hug.
Supervised under the watchful eye of officers, if they don’t give something to each other, if they don’t write something…

Despite the difficulties – A little bit of warmth on pole of the cold…


Last minute – GROSS in absentia DEGRADATION of Martha

Not long ago we have posted levels of inmates in Dochas Centre prison in Dublin. We wrote, that Martha has the highest level.
Our sites are observed by prison officers.
Someone suddenly decided to change Martha’s level and further to humiliate Martha, her family and friends.
Today, when Martha checked booking of her sister’s visits, she learned, that her level was lowered from Enhance to Standard.
No reasons were given and Martha was not informed about this.
Nothing was happening, Martha didn’t do anything wrong.
The lowering of level was supposedly because Martha went to the yard in shower slippers. Martha doeasn’t recall anything like that happening.

Degradation of Martha’s level would have it’s impact on all the privileges: lowering payments by €4 a week, but more important are the other things – only one, half an hour visit, and only one phone call daily.

Is this a continuation of Martha, her family and friends being humiliated?
Is this a way of showing, that if Poles will not keep in line, if they will write different sorts of things in the internet, then we, the Irish, will find a way to further discomfort Martha?

Martha’s case causes deep concern in Poland. In the opinion of majority of people in Poland, Martha suffers a glaring injustice.
The Irish society is more divided in their opinions.
One-sided presentation of Martha’s case by the media for the last few years did it’s job.
What’s worse, every action against Martha, even those inhumane, seem to be accepted by Irish society.
Because for them, Martha is a Killer, an Ice Queen Killer.

Recently we have learned, that Mrs Viceconsul wasn’t permitted into the prison, because she didn’t booked herself somewhere. She came specially to the prison, but she wasn’t let in to meet Martha. She came to intervene at the request of Polish citizen.

After publicizing Martha’s case, we have received signals from Poles in Ireland, about the will to organize a demonstration in Martha’s case. We’ve tried to calm, ease emotions.

There are situations, when we start doubting the reason of calm waiting for Justice, Mind and Humanity in Ireland.
But what can we do?
Until medicine will find a cure for Stupidity, Callousness and Stubbornness, we will still try to remain the same:
to value Good, to Stigmatize Injustice.

Martha, remain yourself, even if others more and more debase themselves.



Happy people do not count the time – from the sufferers the time is taken away

According to our earlier announcements we have put the counters to our site.

Main counter is how many days, and hours, Martha is held in a place she shouldn’t be.
Every day is additional injustice.
Every hour is additional nuisance.
On July 28, 2016, a difficult time started for Martha.
When will it end, and what will be it’s final?

The second counter concerns unlawful holding of paintings by Dochas Centre prison authorities.
The paintings, whose owner became Martha’s sister, are still unlawfully held in prison, against the owner’s will.
The holding began on January 18, 2018.

Martha can’t wait until the things brought for her by her close ones, will be delivered to her. Among those things are: cosmetics (December 8, 2017), e-cigarette (March 8, 2018) or MP3 player (March 23, 2018).

When the situation changes, the counters will stop.

TIME – an enemy or a friend?


Correspondance to and from Martha – thank you

Due to large delays in delivering of the correspondence to Martha, and due to large delays in sending of correspondance which Martha gives for sending, we are starting a page with information about dates of letters and consignments.
Of course not every consignment is delayed.
Some of them are delivered very quickly, but there are also ones which were sent long ago, and still, to this day, were not handed to Martha.

We provide the information only about the people, who wish to inform us about it via e-mail.
We provide only the first names. We provide dates of sending. People who are concerned, will have no doubts about ensuring that it’s about them.

We thank all the people for giving comfort to Martha.
Even short letter, every kind word, everything that brings smile on Martha’s face is very precious, and we thank for that.
Today it’s different Martha. Out of a girl who smiled all the time, today she smiles rarely, occasionaly, stealthily. She seems to be sorry for smiling.
We thank you, that with your letters you help us, so that Martha will not forget how to smile.


Martha’s tough night – “don’tgivadamnaoboutism” of officers or intentional humiliation?

Things that happen around Martha often make us think: should we write about it or not?
There are different situations. Wo are  more or less appalled by them.
Additionaly our sites are followed by one of Irish newspapers, which cites our posts soaking them with Irish poison. After those articles, Martha gets some complications as a bonus.
Should we stop writing?
Will Martha be better in prison thanks to this? Rather not.

But can we be silent?

The subject is sensitive, and also moving.
On Friday Martha asked for menstrual pads and toilet paper (she must ask for menstrual pads and toilet paper, and then they are brought).
She asked, and waited. She was promised they will be brought.
Later all inmates were closed. Nothing was brought to Martha.

How was Martha’s night?
It was humiliating.
It would seem that Ireland is quite civilized country in Europe. It would seem.
Is it really?
The country is as civilized as civilized are it’s citizens.

Marthahad to survive the whole night… with a towel. No pads and toilet paper.
It’s a small consolation, that the towel was large.
Only the next day toilet paper was brought to Martha.
In the morning, one of the inmates gave Marthe her own pads. We thank her very much.
Besides toilet paper nothing was brought to Martha by the officers.

Should such situations happen in a civilized country?

Why do you think this happened? Select and vote (you can select one answer or provide your own, short)

If you can’t provide some social minimum to a Polish citizen – set her FREE!