Will Marta perform at the Irish Dance dance show at the Dochas Center prison?

We wrote, that Martha learns Irish dancing.
We informed, that the classes was supposed to last 2 days.

It appears, that the classes will last for 3 days.
Later, they were supposed to be held on Wendesday, July 18.
For July 20, a show is scheduled – a show of Irish dance in Dochas Centre prison.
In the beginning, there were about 12 women inmates of prison in Dublin on the classes.
On the second class – a half of that.
On the third one, there was only the instructor and… Martha.

After few classes, on July 20, a show of Irish Dance is scheduled in Dochas Centre prison in Dublin.
Who will perform?
How many people will participate in the show?

Martha is supporting such initiatives, even if she has to dance only with the intructor.
The family and friends joke, that there is full of Martha everywhere.

It’s good to find joy in every activity,
in every learning,
in every effort…
In a place like prison, one “celebrates” every activity, every learning, every effort…
…to not to go crazy…


Martha resigns from the business course – she changes it for other

Martha had decided to resign from the business course.
We wrote earlier, that she can make such decision.

Business course is, besides learning English language, most difficult course that Martha took.
The family told Martha, that she doesn’t have to pass the exam on the course.
But Martha is ambitious. If she undertakes something, she fulfills it.
Martha recognized that it is too hard for her.
Furthermore, she assessed that she doesn’t know if the course would be useful for her anyway.
After regaining freedom Martha doesn’t have any plans involving Ireland.

The family approves Martha’s decision.
It’s good that Martha was able to make the assessment and decision.
Ina place, where Martha is, she has to take care for keeping her joy and avoid overexerting herself.
Martha takes all possible courses anyway.
Until now she received 18 certificates, and she’s getting next ones.
She works at the library, she studies for classes and exams, she’s painting, she makes items during the classes, she writes a book, she reads and responds for letters etc.

After resigning one course, Martha will surely change it to other, maybe “lighter”.
Certainly Martha is one of most active and most busy women inmates, serving sentences in Dochas Centre prison in Dublin, Ireland.


One of friends’ visit is gone – Martha is going for music classes

On Friday, July 13, Martha’s friends couldn’t reach her on the visit.
The day before they tried to call the prison, to change persons for those, who could go to Martha.
There are only two phone lines, two phone numbers.
The question is what for, as someone rarely answers them anyway?
No one answered.
Friday visit was gone.

Taking advantage of the fact that there was no visit, Marta went to music classes.
She always wanted to play some musical instrument.
She received a flute to play during classes.
During only one class Martha learned to play one piece and she was very glad.
Learning the ukulele is supposed to be on other classes.
It is possible that Martha will attend the music classes.
The problem is that these classes are on Fridays and during the time when friends usually come to Marta.
It’s comforting for the family, that Martha, despite difficult situation she’s in, she still wants…
… to develop
… to live
… to even ENJOY LIFE.

“The teachers at the school are very kind and patiently polite. I am grateful, that we have any classes… I read Polish books…” – tenth fragment of Martha’s book

Now I attend to leather works, art (painting), ceramics, glass, sewing, carpentry, jewelry, kitchen, English language, first aid… and others when they are available. All the certificates I passed on to my family’s care and I continue gathering next ones, climbing on higher levels, e.g. I am finishing level 4 in English language e.t.c.
The teachers at the school are very kind and patiently polite. I am grateful, that we have any classes, it helps a lot.
Beside that I read Polish books, like “Secret”  and “Strength” or other of the type, so I can maintain positive thinking. I also find myself other hand works like crocheting or painting.


Martha on Irish Dance classes

On Wednesday, July 11, classes of Irish Dance was held in Dochas Centre prison in Dublin.
The classes took place on the yard.
They lasted for 1 hour.
The classes were taught by two people from outside: a woman and a man.
They were in form of learning of Irish dancing.
Participation was voluntary.
About 12 women of all the women  inmates of Dochas Centre decided to participate.
Of course Martha was among them.
Martha, who is first in every class, first in learning of anything.

Martha was very satisfied with the classes.
That’s all we know.
Another class is to be held on Thursday, July 12.

Frankly, we must admit, that different, “general” actions of prison authorities, from a “human” point of view, are going in the right direction.
“General” – meaning, concerning all women inmates.

Our reservations arise, because sometimes we have an impression, that some prison officers would want, that Martha wouldn’t use certain “general” easements and privileges.
And they act in that manner.
The effect is that others can, but Martha – CAN’T.
“Double standards”, if one can talk about “standards” here.

We are very glad, that Martha is active and committed.
She tries to draw joy from everything she can.
It’s not a full joy, but better that than nothing…


Press articles – new page

We’re introducing new menu entry: Press Articles.
Maybe the menu entry should be called differently: “The articles of disgrace” or “media campaign”.
But we’re presenting all articles: both those reliable, and those in which authors definitely didn’t care about reliability, but only looked for and intensified the sensation, creating a horror story, and definitely a thriller.
We start to present them according to years.
Due to a large number of articles we will put them gradually, and as far as possible chronologically.

We didn’t want this “reading” to appear without prior preparation, and especially without knowing Martha.
That’s why we didn’t put them on our sites for so long.
The journalists didn’t bother to find out what kind of person Martha truly is.
Especially passing a judgment on Martha, and describing her in various ways is at least reprehensible.
For now we didn’t present everything on our sites.
We will soon fill in many of important, missing arguments.
But even on this level of information, a careful reader will be able to differentiate what from the published content in press articles was the truth, and what was evidently slandering Martha. A typical MEDIA CAMPAIGN.

Careful people will certainly catch the violations of Martha’s rights by the media.


Is Martha forbidden to give anything to others? On what basis?

On Friday, July 6, 2018, an unpleasant situation took place in Dochas Centre prison in Dublin.
Martha had already informed that when two friends will come to visit her, she will prepare next things to take.
Two, because one person would have problems to take all the things.
Previously, friends took some things on May 25.

Already at the entrance, two friends didn’t have to say anything, they even didn’t have to say their names. They’ve heard that they have things from Martha to take.
When Martha gave a large box to the officer, she asked: “Please, be careful, please, please”.
The officer took the box from Martha and thrown it on the floor.
Among others there were two clay works of Martha.
One of them broke immediately.
The officer said only: “I didn’t make it on purpose”.
Martha took broken work and she will try to glue it together.

After visit, the friends received the things on exit.
Large box and 4 paintings (new, painted by Martha).
They already had them in hands and only the last door remained…
Suddenly the officer stopped them.
She made a call, and it suddenly appeared that… Martha can’t give anything.
What’s more, that Martha was never permitted to give anything.
(Of course it’s not true, because in the beginning there was no problems)
Friends reminded, that they had take some things on May 25.
The officer replied, that they shouldn’t have been.

Of course Martha’s friends were very nervous.

What conclusions should we draw from that?
That GARDA does whatever it wants we know since long ago.
it doesn’t counts with anybody or anything.
It doens’t count with no law or rule.
It’s no new thing to us, that Martha is being discriminated.
Although we hoped that “climate had warmed” already, and that “normality” returned.

We’re not inside, we don’t know who is a good officer, and who is a mean officer? Who is a good person, and who “feels good” when he or she is mean to others?
Or maybe there is something else to it:
What someone is “officially”?
If we praise one of the prison officers, then later, in a way that is obvious to everyone, does he or she wants to manifest, that is treating Martha badly?
Is there still a need for pushing Martha around in Dochas Centre prison in Dublin?

We feel sorry for people who can’t be good persons.
We feel even more sorry for those GARDA officers, that draw satisfaction and joy from being mean…
One needs to be human all the time…
Not just from time to time…


Martha started the most difficult course – a business course

Martha started attending to the most difficult of courses – a business course.
Most difficult for Martha.
The course will last 3 weeks, and it will end with an exam.
This course will provide classes on how to run a business and how to settle taxes.

Currently Martha holds 18 certificates and she still gets new ones.

Two of the courses Martha attends for pleasure. Those are “leather” and “art”.
The rest is work, work, work…
Martha is ambitious.
She tries to do her best with everything she undertakes.
Business course, besides English language course, is among the most difficult for Martha.
The family tells Martha, that she doesn’t have to pass the exam, but Martha wants to.
If she will think it’s too hard for her, she will give up this course.

It’s a good thing, that Martha tries to spend her time properly, under the conditions she is now.


“Only 3 lessons are allowed every day…” – 9th fragment of Martha’s book

We have few subjects at the school, only 3 lessons are allowed every day. There can be only 6 people in the class, so first come first served. There is a list of students, on which I am enrolled, and the list of waiting.

The prison also offers courses, that I am using.
At this time I hold about 10 certificates.

The subjects offered by the prison are computers (learning how to use them), kitchen (cooking one meal for yourself), jewelry (making, composing beads into jewelry), English language, first aid, carpentry, ceramics, welding of coloured glass, hand-sewing, leather works, cosmetics (painting nails, apllying creme), hairdressing (washing hair, drying, applying paint on the hair).

Highly recommended

Are there any institutions in Ireland to protect human rights? Maybe even one?

Are there any institutions in Ireland to protect human rights?
Some of such institutions in their statutes have a task of acting “ex officio”, without the need to report the matter.

What we are dealing with in Martha’s case?
For 4 years until Martha’s trial , the media tormented her.
All of Martha’s personal data was revealed.
Later, a careless investigation in the case of Martha, lack of a translator, lack of a solicitor, no professional psychological aid, a charge that did not investigate the cause of the accident, shameful verdict of the jury.
Discrimination of the citizen of a different country on every stage.
Earlier, the situation of Martha, as a person being stalked by the deceased.

Is this not enough for one person?
Did any of the organizations fighting for human rights in Ireland got interested in the case?
Maybe some organization protecting women’s rights?
Maybe an organization of people harmed by Irish GARDA?
Did they turn to help Martha?
There is no one…
Maybe there is no such organization in Ireland?
Or maybe they don’t want to “stand out” in this case?
Maybe they have fallen to the manipulations of the media, and see a cold killer in Martha?
A kind of “Woman Rambo”?

Martha is a Polish citizen.
The family talked with different organizations in Poland about Martha.

Mostly the answer was the same:
“Despite Martha being Polish citizen, the event took place on the territory of Ireland, and you should address the counterparts of these organizations in Ireland”.

Or maybe institutions in Poland think, that institutions in Ireland should take care of Martha’s case?
And Irish institutions think, that Polish institutions should do it?

We have tried to interest different institutions in Ireland in Martha’s case.
To no avail.
If someone could point us to an uncompromising organization or person in Ireland, we would be very grateful.
Please point only the institutions or persons that have the courage.
Standing against all Irish system needs the courage.
Even if you’re fighting for a right cause.
Will someone in Ireland want to help a Polish woman?

We ensure confidentiality.
Valuable suggestions please send to an e-mail address:

We don’t want to force someone’s action.
We would want a help of some institution that comes from the need of the heart.
We don’t want to be picky on this stage, but…
We have already done “ex officio help”