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The drama of Polish woman living in Ireland – Talk with lawyer in Superstacja TV (in Polish language)

Raport – Radosław Płonka – 15.01.2018 – youtubersi.pl

The drama of Polish woman living in Ireland. The woman is serving lifetime imprisonment sentence. The court stated, that the woman deliberately drove the car into water to kill her work colleague. The man couldn’t swim. Media on the Islands and in Poland were interested in the case.

Source: youtubersi.pl/film/313718/raport-radoslaw-plonka-15-01-2018


Information from Martha’s solicitor

On friday Martha’s sister asked Martha’s solicitor questions regarding the date of submitting the appeal to Supreme Court. The same day the solicitor sent by email few answers (thank you) to question asked earlier.

In one of the letters, as we understand it, he informed that on 6th of november he received a correct justification of the verdict of the previous instance and that from that day there is 4 week for submitting the appeal to Supreme Court.


Mail to Irish media

On 26th november, using email address contact@helpformartha.org, we’ve sent emails to Irish media stating following:

“Dear Sir/Madame
We are sending You a document sent to us by a lawyer, providing a short analysis in which he presents absurdity of two main clues of prosecution in the trial of Marta Herda.
Best regards
http://helpforMartha.org Team”

We attached a file to the message:

Analysis done by a lawyer

As before – the only responce we got was confirmation of receiving the message.