Could this person kill anybody?

From prison Martha reads a tale for her sister’s children.

Translation of the video, done by Martha’s niece:

Hello my dear friends. Today I will tell you a story about Ugly Duckling.

One day Duck Mother laid a few eggs in her nest by the river. Six yellow ducklings with orange beaks. Suddenly, Duck Mother noticed an egg, that had untouched shell. „Thats wierd. I remember six eggs, but now I see seven.”- she said.

This is the duck’s nest and the other egg that was different from the others.

Finally, the shell broke and another duckling had been born. But it looked different from it’s siblings: it was much bigger and had different colour. The other ducklings really didn’t like him. „You are not as small and pretty as we are!” – they shouted „You are big and clumsy and very ugly. We will cal you an ugly Duckling.”

This is how the duckling looked.

The ducklings luckily got bored from bullying their brother and started to ignore him. The Ugly Duckling was very sad, and often looked at swans and dreamd of being that beautiful and big as they were.

These are beautiful swans.

Loneliness made ugly Duckling go for a journy far away from home. One day some lady catched him and thought it was an ugly hen. She wanted him to lay eggs. Unfortunately the ugly duckling couldn’t lay eggs, so the woman got very angry.

This is the woman who trapped the duckling and waited for the eggs.

Luckily, one day the woman forgot to close the cage and the Ugly Duckling escaped. He continued his journey and looked for some friends, but nobody was kind to him. The winter came and Ugly Duckling was lonely and freezing. One day the frost trapped him on the lake. His legs and wings were surrounded by ice and only the walking by farmer could save him from death.

This is how he saved him- he puy a stick in the ice and broke it.

This good man took in the Ugly Duckling and stopped him from freezing. His children loved to play with their new friend. Unfortunately, the duckling was so big, he was very messy when he was playing with children. „That’s enough! Go away and never come back!” – yelled the farmer’s wife. She had enough of destruction. The duckling was very sad and cried, because he had to go. He was alone again. Spring came and the Ugly Duckling returned home, to the river he was born by. The water was very calm so he could clearly see his reflection. He couldn’t beleve his own eyes! „ I am a swan! I was never a duckling.”- he shouted with amazement.

And this is how he looks now. He is beautiful and white.

The Ugly Duckling Has grown to a beautiful swan with snowwhite feathers, long neck and huge, strong wings. Everyone admired his beauty, but he was the happiest when swans appeared on the lake. „Swim with us! You will never be alone again.”

Everything edned happily and the duckling was a beautiful swan. So in our lives everything can changle for the better too. Be good, love youselves and I love you too.

5 thoughts on “Could this person kill anybody?

  1. Marta you have been found guilty by a jury of your peers. Your guilt has been determined. The sentence is life imprisonment.

    • Marta was convicted inappropriately. She did not want to kill anyone, and she barely survived the accident. The jury was badly instructed. The poor evidence of the crime, the press in the media, and the completely unaware of the criminal lawyer who brought nothing to the case. Martha believed in the human good that they will knew she could not do. Marta alerted everyone to help after the accident, she did not escape from responsibility, but she is not murder. She Lost controll of her car that morning but not want to kill him ,she could die also. We want to get fair judgment. Whay pepople get 5 years for Gunshot shooting or knife stabbing and for that accident life imprisonment? That To much, that is not fair!!! She is polish women which is misunderstanding and manipulation by garda . We want to explain and clear that case. Did you belive that all people was get fair judgment ? I dont think so.

  2. If childrens tv presenter Jimmy Savile could rape then a woman reading a fairytale story could commit murder.

  3. I don’t know the minute details of this case but I would never blindly accept a guilty verdict as conclusive proof of guilt. One only has to think of the Birmingham Six and Guildford Four cases in the UK and the Nora Wall case in Ireland to see that the courts are not infallible. If she is truly innocent, I hope and pray that justice will be done.

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