Statement from Marta Herda’s family and friends to Irish mass media.

On 25th of october 2017 we sent an email to television stations and newspapers in Ireland:

“Dear Sirs

For over four years now Irish media publish reports on events related to tragic accident involving Marta Herda, in which the passanger of the car died.

All this time all reports were one-sided: they came from the prosecution or the family of the deceased.

Relations of the other side were never presented (aside from one occurence in 2016).

We don’t want to remind you that one of duties of a journalist is to objectively present positions of both sides.

Marta’s family didn’t spoke publicly, respecting suffering of closest family after losing a young man.

Marta’s family was also waiting for reliable and fair clarification of the case by Irish Court.

Now we are dealing with glaring injustice. Young woman, Marta Herda, who also was a victim of the crash, after a circumstantial trial, was found guilty of murder and sentenced to life imprisonment.
This ruling, based on circumstantial evidence, as it’s severity, is extremely shocking not only to Marta’s closest family.

Therefore Marta’s family decided to initiate every legal action including submitting the case to the European Court of Human Rights.
All these years Marta’s case aroused interest, therefore Marta’s family will inform the media directly and through websites: i about every taken action.

Using these websites You can contact Marta’s family and your emails sent to will be forwarded to Marta’s family, they also will not be revealed without your consent.

Presently on behalf of Marta’s family we’re sending you an interview with Marta’s mother, which was published in Poland in „Dziennik Wschodni”.

We attach a translation made by

In the near future we will send You other very interesting information.

Best regards Team”


To the mail we attached:

Interview with Martha Herda's Mother in Dziennik WschodniInterview with Martha Herda's Mother - Translation


Reaction of Irish media – we received email notifications of reading.

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