One thought on “Zoltán Sandró’s comments (Csaba’s brother changed his name earlier)

  1. I sent email to Conor Feehan after his article :

    Dear Mr.Feehan,

    My name is Vlad Hanczar, I received a permission from the Martha Herda family to contact the media in relation to Martha Herda story.

    Martha Herda is a polish women sentenced to life imprisonment 28 July 2016
    The evidence presented by the prosecutor are quite irrational.
    Martha as a small, slim girl, 164 cm high, 48kg weight. How she could plan drive to a canal during a storm in Arklow Harbor 26 March 2013, around 06.00am that was a still darkness.
    Csaba Orsos, Hungarian Gypsy ( I’m not racist, I have friends Gypsy, Muslims, Arabs, black people, Asians etc. European gypsies possess an invasive and possessive nature in relationships with women ) was a young, athletic bodybuilder, 184 high, 90 kg weight. And most importantly, he was able to swim well. For six years he worked on PRINCESS CRUISES ship. The condition of working on the ship is the ability to swim. In addition, training is provided for assistance in case of sinking.
    After the TVN program Uwaga about Martha’s case, a polish women Joanna Kaleta Racinos official state that she worked with Csaba Orsos on the ship. There are a lot of pictures of Csaba Orsos in his PRINCESS CRUISES suit.
    It is logical that if Martha Herda planned to kill Csaba Orsos by diverting into the water, Martha would have a 90% probability of losing the fighting for life with Csabo Orsos in a car under water.
    Csabo Orsos did not love Martha, he was obsessed with her, and that is the main difference.
    Marthas Solicitor Mr.Thomas Honan did not call any witnesses for the defense, even advised Martha to make a testimony in the Central High Court in July 2016.
    Why did Solicitor or Garda not get feedback about Martha from her workplace?
    Why did Solicitor not ask for a psychological opinion, what kind of girl is she, or is she capable to murder?
    Martha is a very positive person, full of empathy, warm, always willing to help. Even now, when she is in Dochas Prison her artistic works are very warm, full of positive energy.

    Martha Herd’s life sentence is the greatest injustice I have ever heard in Ireland.
    I live in Ireland for over 13 years, I know this country, I know the Irish people. You are the most friendly nation in the world. I love Ireland, it’s my new homeland.
    I beg you, help this poor girl, who is the same victim of the accident as Csabo Orsos. Martha was very lucky to have saved her life.

    Martha is afraid of the dark, afraid that there is no justice in the world and that no one wants to help her. Today she wrote that she is losing her last strength and hope.
    There is justice in the world, I am naive, but there is justice.
    Otherwise, human life would not make sense.

    If the Irish people does not hear about Martha’s true story, she will die in the jail.

    Best Regards

    Vlad Hanczar

    More information about Martha Herda :

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