Martha is worried about her family bearing big financial costs

One of the phone calls with Martha, regarded Martha’s concerns, that her family bears big financial costs involving her case.
Currently an appeal to the Supreme Court is under preparation, talks are being held with solicitors and the family is preparing to direct the matter to the European Court of Human Rights.

Martha wants to support the actions of the family.
Probably the paintings Martha painted and those which she will still paint, will go to the auction.
Money gathered this way will go to the ALFA Foundation’s account, on which funds for legal fight in defence of Martha are collected.

Creating the paintings is time consuming.
She can to that only during the classes of school she attends to. Only 2 hours a week.
Practically this means that one painting is created for over 2 or 3 months.

Every effort makes her closer to achieve the goal which is FREEDOM.

One thought on “Martha is worried about her family bearing big financial costs

  1. I guess what Marta feels, seeing the involvement of her family and incurred costs. I’m very sorry. I want to buy Marta’s painting – “Eye in Space”
    Marta has an artistic talent and her all the arts have a lot of her good heart and positive energy

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