Lack of recordings from CCTV cameras on Martha and Csaba’s route

There are at least several industrial cameras, on the route which Martha and Csaba drove.

GARDA was concentrating on Martha driving through the center of Arklow, where she was driving alone. Recordings from at least two of the cameras were gathered.
No recording  from the route of Martha driving with Csaba did preserve (or recording wasn’t disclosed).

What would be seen on those recordings?

  1. The velocity of the car.
  2. In what posiotion was the passenger of the car – Csaba.
  3. Is the passenger (Csaba) not obscuring the direction of travel and the field of view, to the driver (Martha).
  4. Was the passenger (Csaba) behaviour deviates from normal behaviour.
  5. Was the driver window open, in the car during the ride.

Is the lack of recordings from CCTV cameras a coincidence?

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Or maybe some recordings preserved?


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