Why is Martha running, shouting ‘help!’, after the accident

On the recordings from cameras mounted on the Lifeboat House building, at 6:00am you can see Martha, who is running with her hands raised.
She is runs, she stops, squats, staggers on her legs, leans against the wicket, and runs again, probably shouting.

What do you think? Why is she running and shouting ‘help’?
Point the right answer.

Cold, soaked, teeth chattering, Martha is running, shouting ‘help’.
She is shouting with all of what’s left of her strength.

When Garda arrives, Martha convinces them, to quickly go to the quay, because there is a human in the water, who cannot swim (in her conviction).

Is this a behaviour of a person, who deliberately drove a car with passanger into the water?

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