What can be sent to Martha

We thank every person, who give their support to Martha in different ways.
A part of questions regards sending Martha gifts.
One may not send things, which will not be delivered to her anyway: food, cosmetics, cigarettes.
Things that are not forbidden: clothes (Martha wants to have as few things as possible), books (Martha works in library, and she has access to books).
The nicest are the letters with words of support.
Alternatively, if someone wants to, one may attach a disc with music, movie, or exercises to a letter.
Of music, Martha particularly likes polish songs, and classical music (Vivaldi).
Please do not put any money into letters, because they won’t be delivered to Martha anyway.
As we wrote earlier, when sending a letter to Martha , there is no certainty as to when the letter will be delivered to Martha.
Not long ago Martha was given letters, sent lately, but she still didn’t receive many of letters sent to her earlier.
Martha answers all of the letters and she is grateful for remembrance and support.
We remind you the address for sending letters:
Marta Herda
Dóchas Centre
North Circular Road
Dublin 7

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