Martha receives first 3 holiday postcards

On thursday, 28th of december, two days after Christmas, Martha received first 3 postcards with Christmas wishes. It’s a tiny part of correspondence about which we know, and which was send to Martha before holidays.

Before Christmas, Martha passed 25 letters for sending to her close ones. Probably all of the letters didn’t leave the prison yet, and are held.

Martha is afraid about her both incoming and outgoing correspondence. She’s afraid, that undelivered in proper time letters, put aside somewhere, may later be lost.

Also, Martha didn’t receive paints given to her by her sister on december 7.

We repeat our question: doesn’t this holding of Martha’s correspondence violate her rights, and is it compliant to prison regulations?

Therefore, we ask you to direct questions about delivering of letters sent to Martha, directly to the Mrs Governor.

Governor Mary O’Connor
Dóchas Centre
North Circular Road
Dublin 7


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