Is Martha’s case a public matter? – prosecutor’s office answer

On wednesday evening, Martha’s current solicitor sent a translatedo to Polish language answer of prosecutor’s office regarding the appeal to the Supreme Court. For now the translation was received via email by Martha’s sister – Monika. Martha didn’t get anything yet.

The prosecutor’s office holds a position, that Martha’s case is not a case with public character, and it is not in the interest of justice to review the case further.

Isn’t Martha’s case, about which every Irish media was “roaring” for 4 years, a case with a public character?
How many millions of people and all over the world heard about Martha’s case?
For 4 years the case was “public”, and now it suddenly has to stop being “public”, so that the Supreme Court wouldn’t review it.
Was there any matter as interesting to all of Irish people (besides an attempt to introduce new water billings)?

On the other hand, the combination of words “interest of justice” is extremely cynical here. Either we are talking about interest or justuce. We don’t know what prosecutor’s office wants to defend, interests (whose?), or justice.

Since when the Polish media started to take interest in the case, Irish media strangely got quiet. Martha’s case does not interest them anymore. Is the case, which was “public” for 4 years, suddenly ceased to be “public”, and is being muted?
Only internet left to reach many honest and sincere people in Ireland.
All the more we ask for help in sharing of Polish reportages with subtitles in English language.

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