Do prison authorities have the right to not forward sendings from Martha?

On thursday Monika received a letter from prison from her sister.
On one card Martha writes, that she sends three brochures. “About European Court of Human Rights and about prison, maybe it will be useful for something” (Martha’s words).
But in the envelope was only one sheet of paper with information what Martha sends. Prison authorities took the 3 brochures out of the envelope.

Martha says that those brochures weren’t a property of the library, and every prisoner can take one.
Do prison authorities violate the law by not forwarding the correspondance?
Is it another proof of discrimination of Martha in prison – others can, but not Martha?

Or maybe information within the brochures was inconvenient for prison authorities?
1. Brochure about European Court of Human Rights.
2. Brochure about human rights in Ireland.
3. Brochure about regulations and prisoner’s rights in the prison.

Regarding the European Court of Human Righrt, Martha’s case will be submitted there nevertheless, and proceedings of prison authorities will be another point in the case. Martha in Ireland was and still is discriminated on every stage. Do prison authorities have something on their conscience regarding abidance of human or prisoner’s rights? (Martha’s family suspects, that some of the restrictions against Martha, like prohibition of giving anything, or weird proposals: “Martha will give this to you, if you don’t share it anywhere”, don’t have grounds in regulations).

She informed us about such consignment by the telephone. She said: “I’ll attach 3 brochures, but I don’t know if they forward it to you”. She was suspecting it can happen.

Fight for Martha is held by her family and friends. They don’t have any experience with Irish law, they can’t count on help from Martha’s current solicitor. Martha supports her family as she can. What she find’s out, what she reads, she sends to the family, because this is where the fight goes.
No obstacles made by prison authorities in Dochas Centre will lesser the determination of Martha’s family to fix this gross injustice, which met Martha in Ireland.


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