“Human is made only of just a thin skin… Every step of life frightens me now…” – second fragment of Martha’s book

Second fragment of Martha's bookI think a lot about how long will all of this last. My family sacrifices so much, kids grow up, so many is happening but I miss it, and it won’t come back. I know my Mum and others need me, and I can’t help them in anything. Often I think, will my life get back, at least in similar degree as it was, to where it was before? Will I ever smile again, and will I have the courage, or will only fear of everything remain. I’m afraid, that life is so fragile and dangerous, and human is made only of just a thin skin, and everything can happen. Every step of life frightens me now. But I know I’m not alone, and I have a family who loves me and helps me to get through this life now, but none of us understands a lot, especially from this Irish law.

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