Martha’s cold cell

Especially cold winter and snow are severe to everyone in Ireland.
Martha lives in unheated cell on the ground floor.
The cell has a window to the courtyard. In the lower part there is “ventilation”: two tiles, one with holes through which fresh air flows in, and the second one for closing.
Lack of heating in the cell, in combination with window suited with “ventilation”, make Martha’s room exceptionally cold.
Martha reported that.
She asked for an electric heater or some quilt.
She was promised a quilt, but she didn’t get anything.
She also reported, that she is cold, to the person responsible for maintenance.
She was advised to move her bed, so it will not stand near the window, and to cover the window with a painting.
As a result Martha is freezing. It’s warmer on the corridor, or in the kitchen then in her cell-room.
Martha sleeps in double clothes, and she covered the “ventilation” in the window with pillows.


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