Pole in Ireland: Forner or Full citizen?

Fellow compatriots in Ireland.
Martha’s situation shows how ,at least some, Polish people are treated in Ireland.
But Martha will eventually regain freedom.
Will she be released in Ireland or in Poland?
Will you be willing to help your compatriot?
Or maybe you believed in Irish propaganda, and you thing that she’s guilty, and she got what she deserves?
Maybe you are convinced about Martha’s innocence, but you don’t want to stand out, and show your opinion in this unfriendly environment? You have your work, some regular money, what do you care about Martha? Why risk? This will certainly never happen to you.

If Martha will be released in Poland – your situation won’t change and can even get worse. Irish system will harden, and will be even more ruthless to foreigners. Hope you will not experience it, even in the smallest matter. If it was possible to accuse Martha with an absurd charge, and it was pushed further, there will be no problem to push anything against you, foreigners.

What if Martha was released in Ireland?
You can be sure, that foreigners will be started being treated more seriously. And maybe, as it is in civilized countries, a translator will be obligatory to assist a foreigner, and at will to charge an accusation – an attorney (things Martha didn’t have in the beginning – neither an attorney nor the translator). GARDA will not start to interrogate you without a translator and without you consulting an attorney. And  most certainly will not try to use it against you at court.

Dear compatriots in Ireland.
We’re not hiding, that if you wish, you can help us a lot.
Help us, but also, help yourself.
We thank very much to all Poles living in Ireland, who support Martha’s fight for justice.

One thought on “Pole in Ireland: Forner or Full citizen?

  1. Hallo, i deeply believe nobody in their right mind will claim that Martha is guilty…
    Shame for Irish “authorities” !

    Good luck, girl…

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