Martha’s April’s Fools Day

On Sunday, Martha called her sister. During the call the sister says, that they will see each other in two weeks.
Martha replied: “And what would you say if we meet in two days?”
“How?” – asked the sister.
Martha: “The prosecutor had withdraw the accusation and I’m going out of prison”.
Surprised sister believed Martha, because she would want such scenario to happen.
(In previous years Martha fooled her sister, that for example she is pregnant).

The same day Martha called her Mum.
She also managed to fool her Mum.

Why the family believes such words so easily.
It would be their dreams coming true. Maybe even no so completely unreal.
Currently Ireland’s Supreme Court is analysing the case regarding whether this is not a judicial mistake.

Will those word be only Martha’s April’s Fools Day joke?
Nevertheless, on this very rainy Sunday, after Martha’s phone call, her sister and Mum didn’t need coffee anymore.

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