Martha thanks for a letter from Mrs Aurelia

Martha is grateful for all letters she receives. They cheer her up, give hope, and help survive tough moments.
All letters are precious. Martha is very grateful for all of them.
The content and delivery time of some letters meet the most appropriate moment.
This was the case of letter from Mrs Aurelia. The letter was sent to Martha on March 29, Martha received it on April 8 (on Sunday).
She immediately wanted to thank for the letter – the whole phone call with family was devoted to this.

Martha thanks very much.
She felt, that the letter is written from the heart.
The letter “gave a smile on her face”.

Martha said, that this letter was very good to read.
And mrs Aurelia was so concerned about Martha’s case, she wrote her first letter in 20 years.

Thank you very much.
We thank sincere, sensitive people for their support.
Every form of help is precious and has it’s extraordinary value.

Martha responded immediately, and today she passed the letter for sending.
Now Martha informs her family about every letter, and she will inform also whenever something brought for her by her close ones will be delivered.

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