Martha’s tough night – “don’tgivadamnaoboutism” of officers or intentional humiliation?

Things that happen around Martha often make us think: should we write about it or not?
There are different situations. Wo are  more or less appalled by them.
Additionaly our sites are followed by one of Irish newspapers, which cites our posts soaking them with Irish poison. After those articles, Martha gets some complications as a bonus.
Should we stop writing?
Will Martha be better in prison thanks to this? Rather not.

But can we be silent?

The subject is sensitive, and also moving.
On Friday Martha asked for menstrual pads and toilet paper (she must ask for menstrual pads and toilet paper, and then they are brought).
She asked, and waited. She was promised they will be brought.
Later all inmates were closed. Nothing was brought to Martha.

How was Martha’s night?
It was humiliating.
It would seem that Ireland is quite civilized country in Europe. It would seem.
Is it really?
The country is as civilized as civilized are it’s citizens.

Marthahad to survive the whole night… with a towel. No pads and toilet paper.
It’s a small consolation, that the towel was large.
Only the next day toilet paper was brought to Martha.
In the morning, one of the inmates gave Marthe her own pads. We thank her very much.
Besides toilet paper nothing was brought to Martha by the officers.

Should such situations happen in a civilized country?

If you can’t provide some social minimum to a Polish citizen – set her FREE!


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