Correspondance to and from Martha – thank you

Due to large delays in delivering of the correspondence to Martha, and due to large delays in sending of correspondance which Martha gives for sending, we are starting a page with information about dates of letters and consignments.
Of course not every consignment is delayed.
Some of them are delivered very quickly, but there are also ones which were sent long ago, and still, to this day, were not handed to Martha.

We provide the information only about the people, who wish to inform us about it via e-mail.
We provide only the first names. We provide dates of sending. People who are concerned, will have no doubts about ensuring that it’s about them.

We thank all the people for giving comfort to Martha.
Even short letter, every kind word, everything that brings smile on Martha’s face is very precious, and we thank for that.
Today it’s different Martha. Out of a girl who smiled all the time, today she smiles rarely, occasionaly, stealthily. She seems to be sorry for smiling.
We thank you, that with your letters you help us, so that Martha will not forget how to smile.

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