How much good can a kind letters do – Thank you Mrs Magdalena and Mrs Aurelia

It was a good day. Wednesday.
Martha received 3 letters and a book.
Happy Martha called her family, and asked them to thank Mrs Magdalena and Mrs Aurelia.
She also assessed, the letters she received acted on her just like the letters from mum and her sister in one.
After calling her family, Martha will read them for the second time. And probably she will be returning tho them.

We sincerely thank Mrs Magdalena and Mrs Aurelia.
Some people have a special gift in supporting others and reassuring them.
The sensitive attract the sensitive.
Good attracts good.
We are happy that magnificent people, moved by the tragedy of Martha, don’t stay indifferent about the injustice.
The activities of valuable people are particularly valuable.

We thank to all the people for writing to Martha.
You never know what Martha currently needs and what will happen to her.
And now, Martha needs everything.
And she’s grateful for everything.

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