Another nice talk with Mrs Kelleher

Martha managed to get to Mrs Governor today.
Martha raised a number of objections.
She raised, that she doesn’t receive things from locker, she can’t pass any presents.
She raised the matter of degrading.
She even didn’t get the prize for over a year – €30. For a dress she sewed out of garbage bags a year ago. She won the contest, she got the 1st place, and the financial prize that was supposed to be – is gone. The inmates that held second and third place won prizes €20 and €10 respectively, and right away they went shopping at the store. And Martha – nothing. For a year.
Martha feels treated worse. Treated different than other inmates.
Other inmates have and can, and Martha doesn’t.

Ms Kelleher considered Marta’s allegations serious and said she could file a formal complaint on the official form.

What Martha did?
She says that she doesn’t want to make problems to anyone.
Always the same, constant Martha
(She didn’t wan’t to make problems to Csaba either).
She doesn’t want to file formal complaint.
There would be an official investigation.
Martha doesn’t want to make problems to anyone.

As for Martha’s degradation, Mrs Kelleher admitted that Martha should be informed about who and why wrote such note for her.

Martha asked Mrs Kelleher to consider, if she could talk to her family on skype as a part of her telephone calls.

Another nice talk with Mrs Kelleher.
Thank you.
Will something positive come out of it?

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