Prompt action of Mrs Kelleher – thank you

After talking to Martha mrs Kelleher promptly took care of the matters about which she talked with Martha.

Through an officer, she passed following informations to Martha:
She noted in the system, that situations of walking the yard in shower slippers wouldn’t cause another note in the system, and degrading the level of inmates.
Martha received such note, although she never walked in such slippers.
Her slippers always remain by the shower, and she never walkes in them outside.
Outside Martha always wears crocs. Unfavourable officer took her crocs for shower slippers.

Unfortunately, unfavourable note could not be removed from the computer system.
It will remain there and also degradation of Martha will also remain, only a week long.

Ad for talking to family through skype, an officer responsible for that will look into the matter.
The family would be very grateful for such possibility.

We thank very much to Mrs Kelleher for prompt taking care of problems reported by Martha.

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