Special meeting of all women prisoners – Martha understands very little

Today was a meeting of every woman prisoner, held in the gym.
Everyone who wanted to come.
We’re not sure of the occasion or the purpose of this meeting.
It is possible that it was held on the occasion of 100 anniversary of gaining rights by women in Ireland.
The meeting happened on 10 a.m. and lasted until 11:40a.m.

Few women had spoken: 1) 85 year old woman, who was a judge, 2) a businesswoman, who was involved in one of tv programmes, gaining funds for an interesting business idea, 3) a woman workng in child care, 4) a journalist.

Martha didn’t understand much of what they were saying.
She didn’t understand much, although in prison, she is constantly learning English language.

There were also other attractions: coffee and delicacies.
People who attended the meeting, including Martha, received a book with speakings of the women, chocolates, a bottle of water, and a ballpen.

Something different in prison’s monotony…
And coffee…

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