Martha gets acquainted with the decision of Supreme Court of Ireland, translated into Polish language

On Sunday, June 3, Martha received the decision of Supreme Court of Ireland, translated to Polish language.
Decision of refusing to deal with her case.
She received it by letter from her previous attorney, who undertook to deliver the translation to Martha.

On Monday, June 4, Martha was acquainting herself with the decision.
It’s easy to guess what was her mood.

What Martha thinks about this?
What are her conclusions?

We would gladly share her opinion on the subject.
We really want to express our own opinions.
But we’re restraining ourselves…
A little bit more…
Let the emotions fall a little more…

This doesn’t change the fact, that we will gladly hear Your opinion on the subject.
We will soon express your opinion on our sites.
We will also ask for suggestions to use before European Court of Human Rights.

Possibly we will publish the translated decision of the Supreme Court in Ireland on our Polish site.
Right now, people who know English language and are interested in the contents of the decision, may translate it by themselves.
They can translate it using free, automatic internet translation tools.
Admittedly it won’t be very precise translation, but the sense can be grasped.
And at this stage, only… the sense is most important.

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