Martha’s birthday – alone by the coffee and popcorn

Today, June 7, Martha celebrated her Birthday.
Second Birthday in Dochas Centre prison in Dublin, Ireland.

Martha had earlier prepared two things for herself: coffee and popcorn.
For her it’s a “prison luxury” she allows herself only on Sunday or on special occasions.
And sometimes something sweet, like a candybar.
She prepared the coffee and the popcorn herself after she came from school, and she spent the evening alone.

Is this the last Birthday in prison in Ireland?
Where will she be in a year?

MArtha received many postcards with birthday wishes from her close ones, but also from strangers.
Probably not all of them were given to her yet.
Some of the close ones, especially called Martha’s sister today and asked her to pass their birthday wishes to Martha.

Martha wanted to thank very much everyone through us.
She thanks very, very much everyone for your memory of her, and for all the wishes.
Martha doesn’t feel the strength enough to thank by herself.
She doesn’t feel the strength, because she’s so touched by the memory of other people, that the emotions wouldn’t let her finish what she would want to say.
Although she is very strong overcoming the obstacles that she encounters.

We wish Martha the strength to overcome those obstacles…
And just one more little, wish, not spoken loudly to the end:
“So that will be the last… in…
So that will be the las… without”

“So that it would come true…”

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