Martha is working in the library again.

Since Wendesday, June 13, 2018, Martha is working in the library again.
After five months break.
Speaking up for Martha’s work in the library in Dochas Centre prison in Dublin, brought positive results.
Many people demanded that.
Both people working in the prison and  cooperators as  co-inmates demanded this.
All these people noticed what kind of person Martha is: what is her character and how she is paying attention to entrusted duties.
In regards to such position of many people, the officer on duty, which earlier (on February 9, 2018) informed Martha that she is no longer working in the library, providing no reason for this, now she didn’t have any objections.
Martha receives the keys to the library without a problem again, and she is happy to work in the library.

We’re glad, that more and more people get to now what Martha really is.
In time, maybe those most reluctant will also will see it.
It’s impossible, that a person so helpful and thinking about other people, like Martha, harmed anyone consciously and deliberately.

How far away is the “virtual” or “press” image of Martha in Irish media, from real, true image of Martha.
Image not only in the opinion of the close ones and friends from Poland, but also between Irish prison officers, and Irish women serving sentences in Dochas Centre prison in Dublin in Ireland.
And Martha is just herself…
Martha is liked by others…
Helpful, kind, interested in others…

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