Are there any institutions in Ireland to protect human rights? Maybe even one?

Are there any institutions in Ireland to protect human rights?
Some of such institutions in their statutes have a task of acting “ex officio”, without the need to report the matter.

What we are dealing with in Martha’s case?
For 4 years until Martha’s trial , the media tormented her.
All of Martha’s personal data was revealed.
Later, a careless investigation in the case of Martha, lack of a translator, lack of a solicitor, no professional psychological aid, a charge that did not investigate the cause of the accident, shameful verdict of the jury.
Discrimination of the citizen of a different country on every stage.
Earlier, the situation of Martha, as a person being stalked by the deceased.

Is this not enough for one person?
Did any of the organizations fighting for human rights in Ireland got interested in the case?
Maybe some organization protecting women’s rights?
Maybe an organization of people harmed by Irish GARDA?
Did they turn to help Martha?
There is no one…
Maybe there is no such organization in Ireland?
Or maybe they don’t want to “stand out” in this case?
Maybe they have fallen to the manipulations of the media, and see a cold killer in Martha?
A kind of “Woman Rambo”?

Martha is a Polish citizen.
The family talked with different organizations in Poland about Martha.

Mostly the answer was the same:
“Despite Martha being Polish citizen, the event took place on the territory of Ireland, and you should address the counterparts of these organizations in Ireland”.

Or maybe institutions in Poland think, that institutions in Ireland should take care of Martha’s case?
And Irish institutions think, that Polish institutions should do it?

We have tried to interest different institutions in Ireland in Martha’s case.
To no avail.
If someone could point us to an uncompromising organization or person in Ireland, we would be very grateful.
Please point only the institutions or persons that have the courage.
Standing against all Irish system needs the courage.
Even if you’re fighting for a right cause.
Will someone in Ireland want to help a Polish woman?

We ensure confidentiality.
Valuable suggestions please send to an e-mail address:

We don’t want to force someone’s action.
We would want a help of some institution that comes from the need of the heart.
We don’t want to be picky on this stage, but…
We have already done “ex officio help”

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