Press articles – new page

We’re introducing new menu entry: Press Articles.
Maybe the menu entry should be called differently: “The articles of disgrace” or “media campaign”.
But we’re presenting all articles: both those reliable, and those in which authors definitely didn’t care about reliability, but only looked for and intensified the sensation, creating a horror story, and definitely a thriller.
We start to present them according to years.
Due to a large number of articles we will put them gradually, and as far as possible chronologically.

We didn’t want this “reading” to appear without prior preparation, and especially without knowing Martha.
That’s why we didn’t put them on our sites for so long.
The journalists didn’t bother to find out what kind of person Martha truly is.
Especially passing a judgment on Martha, and describing her in various ways is at least reprehensible.
For now we didn’t present everything on our sites.
We will soon fill in many of important, missing arguments.
But even on this level of information, a careful reader will be able to differentiate what from the published content in press articles was the truth, and what was evidently slandering Martha. A typical MEDIA CAMPAIGN.

Careful people will certainly catch the violations of Martha’s rights by the media.


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