Martha’s tiring weekend – Martha gets another licence

Weekend, from October 26 to 28 was exceptionally tiring for Martha.
She gained another license.
For whole 3 days she was finishing a course.

Because of the course, Martha told her friends, she won’t be able to come for visit.
Therefore no one planned visit on Sunday.

During three days Martha was conducting classes, that were assessed.
Now she received a license, and she will conduct classes with fellow inmates on her own.
On what topic?
“How to deal with violence and how to avoid violence in prison”

We are pleased to note, that this way the prison authorities in Dochas Centre involuntarily confirm that Martha is far from using violence.
Classes with such topic couldn’t be conducted by someone, who has a problem with violence.
After knowing her closer, people who have contact with Martha get convinced, that it is impossible for Martha to ever use any violence against anyone.

“How to deal with and how to avoid…”

Is anyone in Dochas Centre more active?

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