Special arrival of Martha’s friend – Kasia – two short visits

Katarzyna Błaszczyk, a friend of Martha, planned a special arrival to Ireland. She wanted to visit Martha very much.
She didn’t see her for so long.
She arrived on Friday, November 23.
She had little time. Straight from the ariport she was in a hurry to visit Martha.
After half an hour one of the officers wanted to make Kasia leave.
But courageous Polish girl didn’t let him.
She didn’t fly from Poland for this.
She informed the officer, that a visit from Poland is treated as a Special Visit.
Kasia is exceptionally outspoken, direct and firm.

And later, on Saturday, one more short visit, and return to Poland.
She couldn’t even stay for another visit, because she had her return flight to Poland.

Kasia recorded a short video with her phone. Thank yu for sharing it with us.
Tired after the travel via planes and busses Kasia runs to visit Martha…

Thank you very much for this sacrifice and specially visiting Martha.
Martha was very, very glad and happy…
Thank you.

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“‘truth will come out’ Family of murderer Marta Herda launch appeal to European court as they claim new evidence will prove victim could ‘swim very well’” – The Irish Sun

Family of murderer Marta Herda launch appeal to European court with new evidence

Family of murderer Marta Herda launch appeal to European court with new evidence

A WOMAN jailed for life for murdering her infatuated colleague has launched an appeal to the European Courts of Human Rights in Strasbourg as she maintains her innocence.

Source: www.thesun.ie/news/3495983/family-marta-herda-appeal-european-court/

How to explain this to Martha?…

Two verdicts don’t equal, two cases don’t equal also.
But how to explain this to Martha?

While being in prison Martha is interested in other verdicts, which are passed in Ireland.
She is interested, and she can’t understand.

She can’t understand a “string” verdict, she can’t understand the verdicts on conscious action for depriving someone of life, which were passed lately in Ireland.
The punishments for those actions can’t be compared to the verdict passed in her case.
The punishments are minimal, often symbolic…

In case of Martha there was no planning, no motive.
Martha didn’t use any violence.
She didn’t torture.
She found herself in the same situation as passenger, her life was also seriously endangered.
She had no criminal record.
She was released pending trial and…
The verdict was like if she was a serial killer.

Are those judgements in the case law?
In case of European law, the “paragraph” law, there is slight “forks”.
Here, in anglo-saxon case law (to not to say “wig law”), these are huge forks. It’s cosmic, incomprehensible spread.

How to explain this to Martha?
Martha asked her family such a question.

They didn’t know what to say.

The sister said, that others cooperated with DPP.
Martha told everything she know to the DPP but she defended her innocence.
She couldn’t plea guilty of something she didn’t do.
Could anyone plea guilty, contrary to oneself, contrary to the truth, of something one didn’t do?
To make DPP happy?
To get lower sentence?
On the other hand, Martha said definitely not enough regarding the behavior and actions of the passenger in the last moment before the accident.
But most of all, Martha answered the questions of DPP, and somehow the wasn’t to many questions about the behavior of the passenger…
This aspect of the event somehow wasn’t interesting for DPP…

Polish woman sentenced to lifetime imprisonment submits an appeal to European Court of Human Rights – kierunekirlandia.eu (in Polish language)

Polish woman sentenced to lifetime imprisonment submits an appeal to European Court of Human Rights

Source: kierunekirlandia.eu/artykul/5227/preview:41e5cc937a3ccf291b82e136f71d05898e35f596?fbclid=IwAR2syuuIlGp8ZO-7-aEdW4PcAp9brsliMspfsBoGbfNG2rEZstoa0-kBfjk

Polish woman sentenced to lifetime imprisonment in Ireland appeals to the European Court of Human Rights. Will she prove she didn’t murder? – polishexpress.co.uk (in Polish language)

Polish woman sentenced to lifetime imprisonment in Ireland appeals to the European Court of Human Rights. Will she prove she didn’t murder?

Polka skazana w Irlandii na dożywocie odwołuje się do Europejskiego Trybunału Praw Człowieka! Dowiedzie, że nie zabiła z premedytacją?

Source: www.polishexpress.co.uk/polka-skazana-w-irlandii-na-dozywocie-odwoluje-sie-do-europejskiego-trybunalu-praw-czlowieka-dowiedzie-ze-nie-zabila-z-premedytacja

“I didn’t murder, this was an accident” – article on mojawyspa.co.uk (in Polish language)

Ne zabiłam, to był wypadek

Ne zabiłam, to był wypadek

Mojawyspa.co.uk – Polak na Wyspie

Source: www.mojawyspa.co.uk/artykuly/36309/Ne-zabilam-to-byl-wypadek,1

“Case for the reporter – Marta Herda” – article on polska-ie.com (in Polish language)



Source: www.polska-ie.com/sprawa-dla-reportera-marta-herda/

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Case for the Reporter (in Polish language) – November 29, 2018

Sprawa dla reportera – 29.11.2018

Sprawa dla reportera – 29.11.2018

1) Marta wyjechała do Irlandii w poszukiwaniu lepszego życia. Tam poznała mężczyznę. W 2016 r. doszło do wypadku. Kobieta jadąc ze znajomym wpadła rozpędzonym samochodem do rzeki. Ona przeżyła, mężczyzna utonął. Sąd skazał ją na dożywocie za morderstwo twierdząc, że wjeżdżając do wody zrobiła to z premedytacją. Rodzina nie zgadza się z wyrokiem sądu.

Source: https://vod.tvp.pl/video/sprawa-dla-reportera,29112018,39869763


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I want to help

“Without silver”… – “Martha’s behind bars” (or “Pole behind bars”) – why we raise funds?

‘Without “silver”… – Martha’s behind bars’ – this paraphrase of a quote of one of polish comedy groups, fits Martha’s current situation perfectly.

Ireland wants to forget about Martha already.
Martha is also no longer entitled to public defender – on Legal Aid.
And Irish GARDA wants to destroy and cover all the tracks.

Martha’s family is still fighting for justice and freedom for Martha.
On this level, legal battles are very expensive.
The family manages funds very sparingly.

1. The case was submitted to European Court of Human Rights
The application will probably have to be supplemented with expensive expert opinions.
If ECHR wants to look into Martha’s case, only then Martha will be entitled to lawyer reimbursment.

2. Martha’s case is being prepared for re-submitting in Ireland.
Elaboration about NEW FACTS in Martha’s case is being prepared.
NEW, not presented until now.
Two or three expensive expert opinions are necessary (at least two).

3. Underway is a search of Polish law firm, that would take care of Martha’s case, and her possible deportation to Poland.

All these 3 actions demand very large financial costs.

We don’t spend money senseless.



Fundacja ALFA
ul. Zeusa 47/29
01-497 WarszawaSWIFT: ALBPPLPWPLN:
67 2490 0005 0000 4600 1934 9071
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49 2490 0005 0000 4600 2320 8637

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Abnormalities in Martha’s case

  1. Not collecting the contents of text messages from Csaba
  2. Not collecting the list of phone calls and text messages from a longer period – a week or two – only 3 last days list was collected
  3. Suggesting Martha’s secret phone – Martha used two phones equally
  4. Lack of recordings from CCTV cameras on the route of Martha’s and Csaba’s ride together
  5. Destroying of the recordings from two CCTV cameras – not interrogating the person, who saw those recordings before destruction.
  6. Late arrival of the car accident expert – too late analysis of the braking marks
  7. Not establishing the velocity with which car broke through the barriers
  8. Not establishing if the quality of the barriers was adequate and if it was sufficient security – after the accident barriers were change for more solid.
  9. Not establishing WHO braked and with WHAT
  10. Not establishing if ABS in the car worked, if it was damaged in the moment of car hitting the electrical box
  11. Not collecting any fingerprints from the car
  12. Not establishing who opened the car window – not collecting the fingerprints from the window opening button
  13. Not carrying out an on-site verification with Martha – not establishing when Martha smoked a cigarette and opened the window, and when she closed it
  14. Not establishing if hand brake was used – not collecting the fingerprints from hand-brake, not interrogating the divers about what was the hand-brake position in the sunk car
  15. Not collecting the fingerprints from cockpit – not establishing of the behavior of passanger in the car
  16. Not examining of Csaba for the impact of taking steroids and products aiding the muscle growth on the rise of emotional arousal
  17. Lack of any kind of establishing of the impact of Csaba’s behavior, on causing the accident
  18. Not establishing that it was implausible that Csaba, as a waiter and a worker on few passenger ferries could not swim
  19. Spreading the untruth, that Csaba could not swim, and had a panic fear of water
  20. Lack of establishing of Martha’s mental condition in the moment of the accident
  21. Not examining Martha on the presence of alcohol in blood
  22. Forcing first interrogation right after the accident: or she will testify and can go home later, or she will be locked (not informing Martha, that she could be locked only for 24 hours)
  23. Lack of the translator – in the hospital and at the first interrogation
  24. First interrogation of Martha without the presence of a doctor
  25. Lack of attorney during the first interrogation of Martha
  26. Not recording of first interrogation of Martha
  27. Arresting and interrogating Martha – 12 hours – alternately screaming and treating with cigarette
  28. Passive participation of the translator during a recorded interrogation – doesn’t translate everything to Martha, only suggests her, when she misses a word
  29. Calling Martha lawyer by Garda in the evening, to convince Martha to consent on prolonging the interrogation – pushing the interrogated, overtired, hungry Martha
  30. Suggesting that Martha lied in the first testimony – words of Mariusz about where Csaba could get in Martha’s car were taken as Martha’s words
  31. Not examining Martha with polygraph – Martha expressed such wish
  32. Violating the Presumption of innocence rule – free using of every detail against Martha, without any evidence
  33. Unexpected adding the testimony of a nurse after three years from the accindent, and adding her incredibly thorough notes (from the same town as investigators)
  34. Incredibly thorough notes of the nurse – more about Martha and Csaba than about Martha’s health condition, very precise time of Martha calling the phone
  35. Incredibly thorough notes of the nurse – the nurse at the hospital interrogates Victor first, earlier and more thoroughly than Garda
  36. Media campaing and issuing the verdict in Irish media before the trial
  37. First chairman of the jury hides the fact, that she is a retired Garda officer
  38. Wrong advice from the lawyer, that Martha would not testify
  39. Wrong advice from the lawyer, that Martha would not show emotions, would not grimace and cry
  40. Wrong advice from the attorney, that Martha and her family would not talk to any media
  41. Biased course of the trial at the Court – the Judge doesn’t take defence proposals into account
  42. Biased relations of the course of the trial by Irish media – lack of interest and getting out during defence speaking
  43. Not informing the jury by the Judge about all possibilities regarding making the decision
  44. Not informing the jury by the judge, that the jury didn’t have to make a decision in the case of doubts
  45. The jury makes the decision in last possible hours