Every negligence in Martha's case

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Every negligence in Martha's case

Post autor: pomocdlamarty » śr sty 17, 2018 9:07 am

Martha's case raises many questions in the area of "thoroughness" of investigation or "just" trial.
While getting to know the case, we oftenly asked ourselves a question: "Is it negligence yet or is it already consious act to the accused detriment?"
Sadly, these negligences and mistakes were on both sides. (Should the defender still call himself a defender, or should he switch places?)
It is possible to correct some of those mistakes.
If Irish Supreme Court will want to review the case, there will be a chance to fix it still in Ireland.
If not, then the case will be submitted to European Court of Human Rights,
The analysis of mistakes is thus not only a historical analysis.
It is possible that Martha's case also shows loopholes in Irish law, which need to be fixed.
(When you have so much water around you, then the definition of car accident cannot embrace only the situation on the road.
The road ends, there's water, and... a car accident stops being an accident, but after the barriers it becomes... a murder).
We invite you to share your constructive conclusions.