‘In this winter time, I often think about the people of good heart…I hope your good heart sets an example to others…’

In this winter time, I often think about the people of good heart.
You and all the rest of the family are such a person.
I hope your good heart sets an example to others and repays you with the same.
Thank you for your good hearts with my loved ones.
Marta Herda
December 2019

Delays in incoming and outgoing correspondence with Martha

On April 17, 2018, we published a tab called “corredpondence”.
We’ve put there dates of receiving letters by Martha.
We also provided dates of giving the letters written by Martha, for sending.
The entries we’re based primarily on the information we’ve got from Martha.
We thank very much to all people for keeping lively correspondence with Martha.
Those letters mean very much for Martha, and we are very grateful for such form of supporting Martha.

While keeping such records we’ve noticed, that some letters come exceptionally quickly, and others exceptionally slow.
In some situations we’ve noticed an improvement in delivering mail.
In others – there was no improvement.

Later, for various reasons, we weren’t able to update the information on an ongoing basis.
There were a lots of reasons: other actions regarding Martha’s case, overload, lack of information from Martha, Martha’s phone calls to different people, etc.

Currently, despite multitude of matters, we will try to update, and if possible, provide such information on an ongoing basis.

Situation in delivery of correspondence to Martha also had changed now.
Martha is in another building. Inevitably, that seemingly small distance and a small difference, comparing to previous cell, has some strange translation to considerable delays in delivering letters to Martha.
It’s enough for an officer, who usually brings letter for Martha, to be on a vacation, and… Martha can wait and wait.
For others, Martha’s new cell is somehow too far.

We can ensure, that Martha is responding for all letters.
Mostly she does this right away. Even on the same day. The secod day, she gives the letters for sending.
If she’s having a lots of studying, she responds immediately when she finds a moment of time. But it doesn’t last long.

We thank very much to all people for warm and valuable correspondence with Martha.
We appreciate this kind of support and upholding the hope.
In appreciation, we will try our best to provide information that are most up to date.

Blatant violation of law in Dochas Centre prison in Dublin – ON WHOSE COMMAND? – WHO is so scared of losing?

Martha’s correspondance with the attorney is supervised – unlawfully.
It’s a violation of European Prison Rules, that Ireland supposedly wishes to respect.

It even came to exceptional ignorance regarding the law, a gross violation of the law.
Martha’s letter from her attorney, was copied after opening, and then it was given to Martha for signing.
Martha unnecessarily signed the copy.
The officers took the copy from her.

It happend at least twice.
Every time the copy was taken by a different prison officer.

Is it a coincidence, that the copies were taken by the two officers, who don’t even hide their hate towards Martha?

On whose command the prison officers acted?
WHO is so interested in the contents of Martha’s correspondence with the attorney?
WHO is so afraid of losing in Supreme Court, that he wants to know all the steps taken in Martha’s defense?

Martha’s sister is preparing official report of violation of law, which will be submitted to relevant institutions in Ireland.

In Martha’s family’s opinion, the case of Martha was “supervised” on every stage, so that “proper” sentence would be issued.
Today SOMEONE is still highly interested in so that nothing would change in the verdict.

Why Martha’s rights to secrecy of correspondence with the attorney, are violated in Dochas Centre prison in Dublin?

Ireland agreed to respect European Prison Rules.

According to those rules, Martha’s correspondance TO AND FROM HER LAWYER CAN NOT BE SUPERVISED.
It can not be opened.
Opening of letters may take place only in the presence of Martha.
Opening in Martha’s presence is only meant to make sure, that correspondence from a lawyer is indeed included in a letter described externally as correspondence from a lawyer.

That’s the law…
And the reality in Dochas Centre Prison in Dublin?
During her entire prison stay (almost 2 years), Martha receives all her letters opened, including those from her attorney.

Why Dochas Centre prison in Dublin, for almost 2 years violates Martha’s rights to secrecy of correspondance with an attorney?
Could anything regarding Martha, on any stage, in Ireland, happen lawfully?
Is respecting human, prisoner or or foreigner rights… too difficult for this country?

Or maybe another questions:
Is Ireland rulend onlby by Omnipotent Euro and Enormous Selfishness?
Are any rights respected in Ireland?

After our experience, we can answer the question: “Are any rights respected in Ireland?“, this way:… IT MAY HAPPEN

Are all lists in prison to be supervised? – European Prison Rules that Ireland has committed to comply with

In the brochure “Know Your Rights. Your Rights as a Prisoner“, published by the Irish Council for Civil Liberties and the Irish Penal Reform Trust, rights of a prisoner in Ireland were clearly presented.

About the correspondence, which can not be supervised it is written:

“Can I send any letters which will not be inspected?
Yes. Letters to certain organisations or bodies will not be opened before they are sent and will be posted without delay. These include letters to:

  • your solicitor (legal advisor),
  • the Minister for Justice,
  • the Prison Visiting Committee,
  • the Inspector of Prisons,
  • the European Court of Human Rights,
  • the Irish Human Rights Commission,
  • the Parole Board,
  • the European Committee for the Prevention of Torture and Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment (CPT), and
  • the International Red Cross.

Incoming mail from your solicitor or any of the organisations or bodies listed above will only be opened to make sure that it is from your solicitor or one of the listed organisations. If any letter addressed to you is to be examined, it must be opened while you are there.” (bolded by us).


How much good can a kind letters do – Thank you Mrs Magdalena and Mrs Aurelia

It was a good day. Wednesday.
Martha received 3 letters and a book.
Happy Martha called her family, and asked them to thank Mrs Magdalena and Mrs Aurelia.
She also assessed, the letters she received acted on her just like the letters from mum and her sister in one.
After calling her family, Martha will read them for the second time. And probably she will be returning tho them.

We sincerely thank Mrs Magdalena and Mrs Aurelia.
Some people have a special gift in supporting others and reassuring them.
The sensitive attract the sensitive.
Good attracts good.
We are happy that magnificent people, moved by the tragedy of Martha, don’t stay indifferent about the injustice.
The activities of valuable people are particularly valuable.

We thank to all the people for writing to Martha.
You never know what Martha currently needs and what will happen to her.
And now, Martha needs everything.
And she’s grateful for everything.

Correspondance to and from Martha – thank you

Due to large delays in delivering of the correspondence to Martha, and due to large delays in sending of correspondance which Martha gives for sending, we are starting a page with information about dates of letters and consignments.
Of course not every consignment is delayed.
Some of them are delivered very quickly, but there are also ones which were sent long ago, and still, to this day, were not handed to Martha.

We provide the information only about the people, who wish to inform us about it via e-mail.
We provide only the first names. We provide dates of sending. People who are concerned, will have no doubts about ensuring that it’s about them.

We thank all the people for giving comfort to Martha.
Even short letter, every kind word, everything that brings smile on Martha’s face is very precious, and we thank for that.
Today it’s different Martha. Out of a girl who smiled all the time, today she smiles rarely, occasionaly, stealthily. She seems to be sorry for smiling.
We thank you, that with your letters you help us, so that Martha will not forget how to smile.

Delay in delivering of Martha’s correspondence

Martha receives her correspondance with big delay.
Recently she got a letter, which was sent in august 2016.
Martha is thankful for rememberance and words of support which she receives. She answers every letter, that reaches her
If someone didn’t get an answer, this means that either Martha didn’t receive the letter or her answer hasn’t been sent yet (all of correspondance to and from Martha is translated and checked).
Incoming correspondance to Martha is recorded. If someone needs to be sure, he or she may direct a query to prison’s authorities, if his or her correspondance was delivered to Martha.
Martha thanks everyone for kind words.
For everyone, who want to correspond with Martha, we give the address (we hope it’s temporary):
Marta Herda
Dóchas Centre
North Circular Road
Dublin 7