We’re stopping one of the counters – 6 cosmetics were delivered to Martha after 141 (!) days

Today is the last Sunday of the month.
Martha was supposed to receive the cosmetics on April 1, she didn’t received them.
Just today.
Exactly 6 cosmetics.
Apparently she was supposed to choose which cosmetics she needs now.
But she wasn’t given the opportunity of choosing.
She came down to reception, and she receivef 6 (six) cosmetics chosen for her.
Right now some of the cosmetics Martha needs more.

The cosmetics given to Martha are those brought for her by her sister.
They were brought on December 8, 2017.
After 141 days of holding them, six of those cosmetics were handed to Martha.
141 days is 4 months and 21 days – 41 days more and it would be half a year.

Next 6 cosmetics Martha  will receive on the last sunday of May, in a month.

Regarding giving the cosmetics to Martha we’re stopping one of the counters on our sites. Counters of shame of prison services in Dochas Centre Ireland.

Giving the cosmetics to Martha gives us mixed feelings. We don’t know: should we thank or not.
The duty of prison services was to give those cosmetics to Martha long ago, at the latest on April 1.
Is handing over the cosmetics to Martha after 141 days, a proper fulfilling of duties by prison services?
Should we acknowledge something, that someone was supposed to do long time ago? What was his or her duties?

Thank you for handing Martha 6 cosmetics.

Happy people do not count the time – from the sufferers the time is taken away

According to our earlier announcements we have put the counters to our site.

Main counter is how many days, and hours, Martha is held in a place she shouldn’t be.
Every day is additional injustice.
Every hour is additional nuisance.
On July 28, 2016, a difficult time started for Martha.
When will it end, and what will be it’s final?

The second counter concerns unlawful holding of paintings by Dochas Centre prison authorities.
The paintings, whose owner became Martha’s sister, are still unlawfully held in prison, against the owner’s will.
The holding began on January 18, 2018.

Martha can’t wait until the things brought for her by her close ones, will be delivered to her. Among those things are: cosmetics (December 8, 2017), e-cigarette (March 8, 2018) or MP3 player (March 23, 2018).

When the situation changes, the counters will stop.

TIME – an enemy or a friend?