Martha receives her e-cigarette back- will she gradually quit smoking?

Martha didn’t ask the officer to buy her a new e-cigarette.
She decided to save money.
She asked her sister, to return her previously owned e-cigarette.
And it returned… from Poland… in a parcel… together with pictures from grandma’s funeral.
The same e-cigarette she gave away, because officers took the charging cable from it.
They suggested that this is a cable for a cell phone.
Now, the e-cigarette was delivered to Martha without a problem, in a parcel from the family in Poland.

Maybe now, thanks to the e-cigarette, Martha will gradually quit smoking…
she wanted to do that.
That’s why she asked for e-cigarette.
Surely it will not be easy.
Martha laready didn’t smoke.
She started again since the trial.
Now she claims that smoking calms her down.
“It’s impossible not to smoke”
Now there will be an e-cigarette instead of a regular cigarette.
And maybe at least a little less…
And maybe someday Martha will learn to be remain calm without the help of e-cigarette…
Even under these circumstances…

We’re stopping another timer – Martha “accidentally” receives her e-cigarette

On Friday, June 25, 2018, near the end of the meeting, Mrs Governor Mary O’Connor asked Martha, what she needs.
Martha said, that she still didn’t receive the things, she is allowed to have.
Those things are in the prison reception since long ago.
Mrs Governor was very surprised.
After the meeting Mrs Governor went to the reception with Martha.
The officer on duty opened the locker and… Martha’s e-cigarette fell out of it.
The same, about which we wrote on April 6. The same, which the proson officers couldn’t find.
Now it fell out of the locker by itself.
There was no more excuse to not give it to Martha.

On April 6, we wrote on the subject:

“On March 8th, her friend brought her an e-cigarette. Bought especially for Martha. So she can quit smoking.
It still, until now, can not be found at prison reception.
Martha’s friend, who brought the e-cigarette to prison, already wanted to come to the prison, to encourage the officers to more perservering search.
Maybe they are overworked, or they have so many things, that it is difficult to find just one of them.”

As for the rest of things, the officer on duty said, that she is very busy right now, and that she will pass the remaining things to Martha later.
Mrs Governor comes personally with Martha, but the duty officer is busy (?!)
Martha is patiently waiting again.

We thank very much to Mrs Governor Mary O’Connor for her personal interest in things, that should be given to Martha earlier.

Martha waited for the e-cigarette for 99 days.

After receiving it, Martha turned it on, and… it appeared that it doesn’t work.
Recently Martha bought less things for her in prison store.
Despite so small resources she was able to save some money.
She asked the officer to buy her an e-cigarette, for about 50 euro.
Then there will be no problem with passing it to Martha.
No one will also pick on, if the officer will choose an e-cigarette with some charging tip…

There was so much waiting…

There is a new permission for an e-cigarette, so now… no e-cigarette can be found at the prison’s reception

Martha can already have an e-cigarette.
It turns out, that Martha previously had an e-cigarette.
Martha first asks for permission, and only then she asks friends for bringing what she was permitted to have.
That was the case with earlier e-cigarette. Martha got the permission, and one of the friends brought it to the prison. Martha used it for some time.
During one of the searches in Martha’s cell, the e-cigarette charging cable was examined.
Specifically… the plug.
It was considered that this is a plug for a cell phone and Martha must have a cell phone somewhere in the prison.
Martha has the “luck” for “circumstantial accusation”, not supported by any evidence.
Therefore the cable with the same plug as for cell phones, was taken away from Martha. So Martha asked her friends for another e-cigarette, necessarily with completely different plug, not similar to the plug for cell phone.

One of her friends specially bought such e-cigarette, and on March 8th, he brought it to prison. It’s good thing that he signed handing it over.
And then the e-cigarette was not handed over to Martha, she was only supposed to apply for Mrs Governor’s permission again, and Mrs Governor didn’t have time for Martha.
Now, Martha went to Mrs Governor, she found someone else, and received the permission for e-cigarette.
So she went down to get the e-cigarette from prison’s reception, and here the officer couldn’t find it.
Martha waits calmly, until prison’s reception finds somewhere an e-cigarette brought to her by a friend.

A small thing? Of course.
But there are difficulties, annoyances, humiliations.
It’s good that Martha endures this calmly. When she’s lacking patience, the family calms her down.

Until now, Martha hasn’t received cosmetics brought to her by her sister, on the beginning of December last year. (Other inmates with lifetime sentences can already receive cosmetics and get them without any problems)

Others can have and they have… Martha – not.