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“Martha was sentenced to lifetime imprisonment in Ireland. “If she wasn’t Polish, she would be free”” – article on wp.pl (in Polish language)

“Mum of Polish woman sentenced to lifetime imprisonment in Ireland: I’m not afraid that someone call me “mother of a murderer”. I know it wasn’t murder” – article on wp.pl

Mama Polki skazanej na dożywocie w Irlandii: nie boję się, że ktoś powie o mnie “matka morderczyni”

Source: kobieta.wp.pl/mama-polki-skazanej-na-dozywocie-w-irlandii-nie-boje-sie-ze-ktos-powie-o-mnie-matka-morderczyni-6210109626099841a

Martha can finally receive 6 cosmetics monthly

Martha was finally permitted again to receive 6 cosmetics monthly.

Previously, giving cosmetics to women serving sentences was permitted without limitations.
Complete ban was introduced when one of the prisoners received illegal things in cosmetics.

So now Martha can receive cosmetics, but quantity limit was introduced – only 6 pcs a month. Martha’s mum and sister, who will be coming soon to Ireland to visit Martha, had already agreed on which cosmetics Martha needs.

Statement from Marta Herda’s family and friends to Irish mass media.

On 25th of october 2017 we sent an email to television stations and newspapers in Ireland:

“Dear Sirs

For over four years now Irish media publish reports on events related to tragic accident involving Marta Herda, in which the passanger of the car died.

All this time all reports were one-sided: they came from the prosecution or the family of the deceased.

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Birthday wishes for her mum, and her brother

27th october is a birthday for Martha’s mom as is for her brother.
After 15 pm Martha called to express her good wishes. Since daughter’s accident, Martha’s mother is not having brithdays.
Later Martha was happy because she was able to call to her brother, also giving him her best wishes.