“Polish woman convicted for lifetime imprisonment, raises money for the attorney by painting” – article from December 2, 2017 on kierunekirlandia.eu (in Polish language)

Polish woman convicted for lifetime imprisonment, raises money for the attorney by painting

Polka skazana w Irlandii na dożywocie zbiera na obrońcę malując obrazy – Kierunek Irlandia

Source: kierunekirlandia.eu/artykul/4649/z-1512244094

Images painted by Martha displayed in the prison – an acknowledgment of Martha’s taleng or a demonstration of ignorance? – please watch

Two contentious paintings done by Martha, were displayed last week on the wall at Dochas Centre prison in Dublin.

Why contentious?
We were writing about them a lot, (to some people too much), among others on February 3, 2018:
“Martha didn’t give those paintings “for storing” until she will get out of prison. Those paintings left the prison legally and their indisputable owner is Martha’s sister. Those paintings are not the property of the prison.”

This doesn’t stop prison authorities to demonstratively hang them on the wall instead of returning them to the rightful owner.
They are displayed on the wall in the room near the metal detector gate.
It’s the first control room in Dochas Centre.
Near the gate that one walks through, there’s a conveyor with a monitor and a small chamber for X-raying small things: shoes, belts, coats etc.

Is displaying the paintings an expression of appreciation of Martha’s talent?
We agree that Martha, with her personality and talent, definitely stands out in the Dochas Centre.

Or maybe hanging those paintings is a clear demonstration of ignorance of the Dochas Centre prison?
It’s nothing, that a rightful owner – Martha’s sister, requests their return.
GARDA in Ireland can do what it wants.

We don’t know what motives guided the authorities of Dochas Centre prison.
But thanks to that, the paintings can be viewed.
They are in the room that anyone can enter.
So we invite You to see Martha’s creations personally.
You don’t need to visit anyone in Dochas Centre to see the paintings.
All you have to do is to enter between 10-12 a.m. or 2-4 p.m. (exceptTuesday).
You must press the button at the door in front of Mountjoy Prison (near the small  roundabout).
After entering, just tell the person at the duty office, that you wanted to see Martha’s paintings andturn left left.
The paintings are displayed in the room near the gates.

The paintings can be viewed, and the counter of ignorance is ticking…
By today it’s 202 days.
For 202 days now, the paintings made by Martha, are unlawfully held by prison authorities of Dochas Centre in Ireland.

Happy people do not count the time – from the sufferers the time is taken away

According to our earlier announcements we have put the counters to our site.

Main counter is how many days, and hours, Martha is held in a place she shouldn’t be.
Every day is additional injustice.
Every hour is additional nuisance.
On July 28, 2016, a difficult time started for Martha.
When will it end, and what will be it’s final?

The second counter concerns unlawful holding of paintings by Dochas Centre prison authorities.
The paintings, whose owner became Martha’s sister, are still unlawfully held in prison, against the owner’s will.
The holding began on January 18, 2018.

Martha can’t wait until the things brought for her by her close ones, will be delivered to her. Among those things are: cosmetics (December 8, 2017), e-cigarette (March 8, 2018) or MP3 player (March 23, 2018).

When the situation changes, the counters will stop.

TIME – an enemy or a friend?

Martha receives thanks from the Staffs of Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity in Ireland

Martha had donated two of her paintings for the Great Orchestra of Cristmas Charity.

Both paintings were auctioned, and the money gathered were added to the fund gathered by GOCC in Ireland.
Now Martha received thanks from two Staffs of GOCC in Ireland: the Staff in Gorey, and an official thanks from the Staff of Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity in Dublin.

Good Evening!
With a slight delay we send our official thanks from the Dublin Staff of GOCC, for your help during this year’s first fundraising of GOCC held in Gorey.
Thanks to the generocity of citizens of Gorey and the surrounding neighbourhood, we managed to raise €3 258,04  and by this add to the general raise in Ireland.
We thank you once more, and right now we invite you to cooperate with us in the next year.
P.S. As an attachment, we send thanks to Ms Martha. We would be grateful for forwarding it to her.


Marta Herda
The Staff of Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity in Dublin wishes to thank you from the heart for your involvement during our finale in 2018. The support we have received, significantly raised the rank and the prestige of the event.
During our finale we’ve gathered €84 549 for equalizing the chances in treatment of newborns.
The success of our project wouldn’t be possible without our fantastic friends and their help.
From deep of our hearts we thank you.
The Staff of GOCC Dublin

The family has already told Martha, that they received thanks for her support.

How can Martha’s sister reclaim her property?

Martha, without any agreement with her family and friends, got the paintings back in the prison. She had proven thus to Mrs Governor, that they were not sold. She had proven it, she gave the paintings back, but they are not handed back to the owner.

Why Mrs Governor doesn’t want to return the paintings to the owner?

Wy are trying to understand. Maybe we’re too dumb to understand. Please help us.

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Why did the paintings go to jail?

O thursday, january 18th, unexpected thing happened. Martha called one of her friends, Mariusz, and asked him to bring back the paintings she gave her sister. Martha knew that the paintings were still in Ireland. Her sister didn’t take them for now, because they didn’t fit into the airplane luggage. Mariusz didn’t know, that this situation wasn’t discussed with Martha’s sister, and fulfilled Martha’s request.

What was this all about?
Next visit of Martha’s closest family is coming soon. This time, for the first time, her niece is going to visit her too. Martha is living with this visit. She would very much want to give some presents to her closest. That’s why she attends the school and lessons, to make something for others. All the time prison authorities don’t allow Martha, the only one of the prisoners, to give anything to anybody.

In the conversation with Mrs Governor Martha asked, that she finally be able to give some small items to her closest. Mrs Governor said, that she will not allow it because the family sells those things.When Martha denied that, Mrs Governor asked for a proof. So Martha got an “ingenious” idea, and first thing in the morning she called Mariusz, who was supposed to visit her that day, to bring the paintings.

What is Martha’s sister supposed to do now?
The paintings belong to her. They they left the prison legally. “Passing” of those paintings through prison gate was held even in the light of cameras of TVN and Superwizjer.
Will Martha’s sister recover her belongings?
How much longer will those paintings stay in prison?

This situation taught Martha and her family a lot.
The family asked Martha to not to prepare any gifts for their visit.
The most important thing is that 4 women close to each other will meet together.
Martha’s family is fighting for Martha’s freedom not trifles.

Martha's sister with paintings by Marthalink: http://helpformartha.org/2017/11/15/paintings-by-martha/

Martha gives 2 paintings for Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity (WOŚP)

Martha needs help and support herself, but she is also helping others,

Martha gave two different size paintings for Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity (Wielka Orkiestra Świątecznej Pomocy). One of the paintings was created in Dochas Centre in Dublin.

The auction of those paintings will be held on sunday, january 14, 2018 in Gorey.
Loch Garman Arms – on 12 – 2pm

It’s the first time when GOCC was organized in Gorey, Ireland.