Thank You mrs Vice-Consul from Consular Department of Polish Embassy in Dublin

We thank very much Mrs Vice-Consul from Consular Department of Polish Embassy in Dublin – Mrs Patrycja Grochecka.
We thank you very much for commitment in the case of Martha and for planning a visit in Dochas Centre penitentiary.
For Mrs Vice-Consul to come to the prison, Martha had to personally ask the consulate. Martha wrote a letter on Tuesday, March 27, and passed it for sending to Polish Embassy in Dublin. Martha asked for an urgent meeting
In those hard for Martha moments, such a meeting will surely be needed.

Mrs Vice-Consul as a employee of Polish Embassy, may visit Martha without any problems (just as her attorney).

Will Martha present all of her comments officially during the meeting? Will she tell about every form of discrimination she encounters in Dochas Centre prison in Dublin?

Ineffective plea of Martha and Polish Embassy for Polish psychologist

Both Martha and Polish Embassy all the time ineffectively plea for help of Polish psychologist for Martha.
Polish Embassy commited to cover the costs of one.
Prison administration’s answer is always negative: “There is a psychologist in prison” (but speaking English).
Speaking to family Martha is pleading all the time for help of such psychologist, speaking Polish.