Another example of “truthfullness” of media reports

Special dinner held on 8th of december 2017 showed how much truth was in earlier media reports about “alleged” friendship of Martha in jail.

In previous reports media have “chosen” a friend for Martha.
It must have been a person with maximum sentence, who committed a terrifying crime.
Additionaly, something in common was searched for, e.g. east european origin.

How truthful those reports were, showed the behaviour of those present on special dinner on 8th of december 2017.
On one side of the table, 6 women sentenced to lifetime imprisonment with their relatives, then few chairs of break.
On the other end of the table – Martha and 3 people close to her.

The journalists who wrote about friendships made by Martha in jail should see this view.
Martha was associated with people, who commited extremely shocking crimes.

Examples of information about Martha’s friendships:


Polskie Echo

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In prison, in which Martha is now, she has no enemies and she doesn’t seek friends.