What are you afraid of, Irish GARDA? – “lie needs to be guarded

“The truth will defend itself – lie needs to be guarded”

Is Irish GARDA afraid of someone?

Maybe it’s afraid of mother wishing to get her child back?
Maybe a sister, who would want to see her younger sibling and a friend free…
Maybe a few true friends of Martha, who support her and her family as much as they can…
Can one be afraid of such small group of people?
Are they that strong and powerful?

Does irish GARDA try to intimidate, bribe or in some other way discourage people who want to help Martha?
If that’s the case… we thank you…
First of all: Martha’s situation turned out to be a true test for Martha’s family and friends. It already turned out who is a true family and who is a true friend. And it still turns out.
If you act that way Irish GARDA, then we thank you very much:
you’re helping us “to sift”.
More can be done with few true, honest, sincere and trustworthy people, than with a mixed “herd”.
(Please do not take offence in the word “herd”. We don’t have anything bad or derogatory in mind. Everyone has the right to his or her fear. And may use this right whenever he or she wants.
We use the word “herd” to be understandable to the addressees. Among the Irish symbols are a shamrock and a sheep. We don’t know exactly if its an ewe or ram).
Secondly: we offer you an accelerated course of Polish nature:
If you forbid something to a Pole, if you bully or discourage him, then a Pole will go there anyway even if he had no intention to do so.
History of Poland shows this clearly.
We don’t know how much Irish nature is corruptible or inclined to be intimidated. (We have our opinion but we don’t want to express it – the case isn’t ended yet. Probably at the end we will share our observations and findings).
Either way – if you act like that, Irish GARDA, we… thank you…
You mobilize the Poles… you help us…

Or maybe Irish GARDA is afraid of something?

Maybe… the TRUTH
But we can’t help here.
The truth will come out regardless of us acting or not.
Maybe people whom Martha’s case involves will be retired, or maybe they will not be here anymore…
Sooner or later, names of people involved, or rather “stained” with sentencing poor girl, will stop being considered as an impeccable guard of the Rule of Law…
Their families will be left with… with what exactly? With what kind of opinion?
After years the TRUTH comes back with greater strength and has grater impact.
And it uncovers everything… All machinations, manipulations, violations…
…Someone will write a book… Someone will make a movie based on facts… Maybe even win some prizes… Get deserved fame…

WHO is afraid of the TRUTH?
…The one who has something to hide…

What are you hiding?
What are you afraid of, Irish GARDA?

Maybe you are afraid that Martha “had to be convicted”, and Martha’s case has more to it?

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