It’s tomorrow – a rerun of a SUPERWIZJER report about MArtha – Saturday, June9, TVN24, 8:00 p.m.

In TVN24 TV station, reruns of reports which were very popular begun.
As one of such reports, the one about Martha was included, entitled:
“She drove into ice-cold water, a man died. Polish woman sentenced to lifetime imprisonment in Ireland”.

The report will be broadcasted in TVN24, on Saturday, June 9, at 8:00 p.m.

Once more we thank to TVN24 TV station for realizing the report.
We also thank for including of Martha’s case in  reruns.

We ask very much for sharing this information broadly.
Maybe, despite hot weekend, thanks to the rerun of the programme, other sincere people will want to have their share in a fight for justice for Martha.

Broadcasting of the rerun met with three events of last days:
May 20 – changing of the attorney
May 21 – rejection of the case by the Supreme Court in Ireland
June 7 – Martha’s 31st birthday.

The report of SUPERWIZJER is still available on internet sites, including ours.
It’s among most recommended by us programmes about Martha’s case.
Unfortunately it’s available only in Polish language.
That’s why we often recommend a shorter programme TVN UWAGA, in which we provided English subtitles.

Possibly, in a while, a next part of TVN UWAGA programme will be produced.
We also do not reject discussing about Martha’s case in other programmes in Poland.
Poland and Polish people are interested in Martha.
Poland and Polish people are appalled by what happend to ther fellow compatriot.
Poland and Polish people can play a key role in restoring the justice in Martha’s case.

Please share broadly this information.

Summary of january – we thank You very much

Interest in Polish version of this site ( in January 2018.
Total of 60 countries. Top 10 countries:

Poland 68,73 %
Ireland 7,91 %
United Kingdom 6,94 %
Germany 3,01 %
Netherlands 1,68 %
United States 1,25 %
France 0,77 %
Sweden 0,47 %
Denmark 0,35 %
Belgium 0,31 %

A day after airing of the Superwizjer programme on TVN24 we have noted record amount of views on – 10 468.

Two “waves” also started: wave of sympathy, help and support, and the second one: the hate wave.
Those two waves collided each other.
We don’t quite understand this collision. With a little bit of logical thinking, the “hate wave” should aptly determine the “people worth hating” and go in the same direction. Unless hate doesn’t follow any rules or laws. Time will tell.
We also thank You, Dear Haters. You’ve made the discussion about the case of Martha more vivid.
We hope that we will continue to be able to count on your spontaneous and impulsive reactions.

We thank everyone very much for a vivid reaction, real help and actual actions in favor of Martha, in favor of reclaiming justice, and to fix what have happened.

As Poles we are not able to differ BEAUTIFULLY.
But we can MARVELLOUSLY help each other.


Thank You very much.

Utmost thank to all the team of Superwizjer Programme

We give utmost thanks to all the people involved in the realizing of Superwizjer programme: “She drove into ice-cold water…” aired by TVN24 and TVN.

In the programme we see an impartial and insightful presentation of the tragedy, which happened in 2013 in Arklow, Ireland.The tragedy, that ended with death of the passenger in 2013, aside the tragedy of the family of the deceased, today is also an exceptional tragedy of the driving woman and her family.

We thank very much for insight and thoroughness of the relation, for trying to reach to many people related to the case, for the graphics from the trial, and for sharing of unpublished yet materials.

We also thank for inviting remarkable experts to the studio. Accurate analysis spoken by the specialists is not only an analysis of committed mistakes, but also points a direction for fight for restoring justice.

We also appreciate the additional costs incurred in the realization of the reportage outside of Poland.

We thank very much to all the people, who contributed to the reportage.

By name we would like to thank:
The reporters: Martyna Aftyka
Robert Socha
Camera operator: Piotr Wacowski
Editor: Grzegorz Jaskierny
Producer of Superwizjer programme: Jarosław Jabrzyk


Highly recommended

“She drove into ice-cold water, a man died. Polish woman sentenced to lifetime imprisonment in Ireland” – reportage of Superwizjer (in Polish language)

She drove into ice-cold water, a man died. Polish woman sentenced to lifetime imprisonment in Ireland